Free Yourself From Overwhelm Tip #1

Free Yourself From Overwhelm Tip #1

Today is one of those days that could easily put my brain in overwhelm, so I decided to ground myself for a few minutes before I start the day and I realized this would be something good to share with you too!

Overwhelm sabotages our brain’s best efforts. When we fall into overwhelm, the stress response is initiated and this tells our brain there is danger. The brain responds by tightening its grip, executing only essential functions which can make you forgetful, emotional, fearful, anxious and unable to make decisions. Chronic, prolonged stress (even if perceived) ultimately halts the production of BDNF (Brain-derived neurotrophic factor) which results in fewer new brain cells being formed. I know I can’t afford that and I bet you don’t want that either!

In honor of optimizing our brains, I’m going to start periodically sharing some of my own best practices for detoxing overwhelm.

Today I have 9 scheduled calls (both client coaching sessions and I stopped counting at 14 “to-dos”). I’m not sharing that as a point of comparison – in fact, I really don’t want you to compare at all because it serves no purpose. How overwhelmed we feel actually has NOTHING to do with how many “to-dos” we have on our list.

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I know that first hand. I used to be notorious for creating overwhelm until one day when I realized I could make VACATION feel overwhelming. The overwhelm that I experience was caused by two things:

  1. Low Serotonin and Gaba
  2. Thinking about everything all at once

Those two factors were the perfect storm for making me feel overwhelmed ALL THE TIME no matter what was happening in my life.

What did I do to relieve this overwhelm?

Of course, I healed the low Serotonin and GABA with Neuro Nutrition and then I had to retrain my mind in regards to how it looked at the day. This has been a journey for me and in the process, I’ve learned many tips for detoxing overwhelm. I teach these strategies to my clients all the time and today I want to share one of the most effective and popular.

Today’s Free Yourself from Overwhelm Tip:

Lightening overwhelm comes down to a practice that is GREAT for the brain and the spirit.

Here it is:

Focus on the present moment.

I know you’ve heard that a million times, but it’s true.
I mean it.
You have to try it to experience what I’m saying.

In order to detox overwhelm you CANNOT be thinking about your entire “to-do” list at once.
You need to practice being 100% focused on one thing at a time.
Even if it means that is the ONLY thing you get done all day.
Stick with your current focus and put blinders on to the rest or you’ll NEVER be free from overwhelm.

This means you WILL have to redirect other people’s efforts to get your attention.
This means you WILL have to say no.
This means you WILL have to redirect your thoughts back to what you are doing.
This means you WILL have to be so hyper focused on the very thing in front of you that nothing else matters in that moment. Pretend your “to-do” is your sole purpose on this planet until you get it done. Not half way . . . DONE.

As I write this, my mind has drifted to at least 5 other “priorities” for the day and I’ve gently thanked it and redirected back to this writing right now.

It might sound simple and it might sound impossible.
You’re right.

The growth is in the practice. I encourage you to practice this today starting NOW – the moment you read this.

Think about the day ahead and anticipate what your most likely distraction will be.
Make a plan for not allowing that distraction to interfere with each “to-do” as you are doing it.
Follow our Facebook Page and state your commitment for the day RIGHT NOW!
Then check back in at the end of the day with how you did.
Repeat that daily until this thinking is a habit. First, comes ritual, then comes habit.


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