Self Love Hurting Your Health? (WHAT????!!)

Self Love Hurting Your Health? (WHAT????!!)

I’m curious if you saw this –

A new research study about weight loss was recently published in the Journal of the American Medical Association and it’s been all over media. Here’s the quick summary:

Researchers looked at about 27,000 overweight or obese Americans from 2008 to 2014 and compared them to overweight or obese Americans in the 90’s and 80’s.

They found that obesity rates have climbed. No surprise.

They ALSO found something you might not expect.

Even though our obesity rates are still on the rise and, in fact, more adults were obese or overweight in the later years of the study, the number of people who said they were trying to lose weight actually dropped: from 56% in the earliest years to 49% in the latest.

What does this mean?
Is this a good thing?

Has loving ourselves and accepting our bodies been taken to an unhealthy extreme or is this OK?

This research study basically indicates that people don’t care as much about losing weight as they used to. Every day I see new representation of all sizes and shapes in our media. You could take this to mean we are accepting ourselves and loving ourselves more and getting comfortable in the body we have.

You KNOW I am all about self-love!

In fact, just this week a private client, Abby, and I were celebrating the weight loss she’s experienced from “letting go.” She’s stopped worrying (obsessing really) about losing weight and that is actually helping her lose weight! She noticed another big shift this past week as she combined a work conference with a family trip to Disney and summed it up as:

“It was like I was having so much fun, I didn’t think about food!”

Abby’s situation is different from the study. In the study, people weren’t losing weight; they simply didn’t “care” anymore if they lost weight. They’d stopped trying to lose weight.

This could sound like the same thing Abby is doing . . . but it’s not.

It’s important to understand the difference between giving up and letting go and to define the word . . . care.

The study author Dr. Jian Zhang of Georgia Southern University says he believes the number one reason for the drop (in # of people trying to lose weight) is that so many people struggle to lose weight and keep it off, a process that discourages them. “It’s painful and hard to drop pounds,” 

At the same time, he goes on to remind “Higher rates of overweight and obesity are linked to a greater risk of health issues like heart disease, diabetes and cancer, and not doing anything about it could be detrimental to health.

“Diabetes follows obesity as a night follows a day,” says Zhang. “We are stuck in a vicious cycle.”

Abby is different from those in this study in that she hasn’t stopped “caring” about being healthy.

If you want to live your best healthy, vibrant life, here’s what that means for you:

YOU can’t give in or settle for being overweight and you DON’T benefit from shaming or hating yourself.

Weight loss is like anything else in life.

[Tweet “The pain doesn’t come from your situation, it comes from what you THINK about your situation.”]

What works is still “caring” about being healthy (that means more energy, feeling good and preventing disease) and at the same time not JUDGING yourself for being where you are in the weight loss process.

Don’t miss the other lesson from Abby –

Fill your life up with so much fun and activity that you never eat out of boredom or for entertainment.

I call this a Non-Food Menu and in order to eat that way, it’s helpful to have a Healthy Indifference toward food. If you struggle with that, you’ll want to make sure neurotransmitter depletion isn’t interfering. Take our Self-Scoring Brain Chemistry Assessment to find out.

Here’s to your continued “caring” and success!


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