Oscar Flub and Nonsense Data

Oscar Flub and Nonsense Data

Did you watch the Oscar’s? I watch every year and I’ve been outside the red carpet in my past life 🙂

I like film and fashion – takes me back to my days in the fashion industry.

What’s really crazy is all the “hype” now, 4 days later!

Even if you didn’t watch the Oscar’s you know about the flub!

Why does the mind dwell on mistakes and problems? What is this “nonsense data” doing to your brain?

This week I had a chance to sit down with Co-Founder and R&D Scientist of Neurohacker Collective Daniel Schmachtenberger. We were talking nootropics and the epistemological frontier of neuroscience-neurotech tools and psychological techniques to optimize solutions on both sides of the mind/brain interface. There are exciting things happening in neuroscience, yet Daniel was the first to speak to the importance of FOUNDATIONAL brain health habits that are equally important.

I thought you’d like to know a term he used that can help you manage the “data” (and stress) that you expose your brain to. It can also help you understand why your mind clings to bad news.

In our conversation, Daniel described mindless thinking, watching TV and any time that you are using your brain on auto-pilot as inputting “nonsense data” into your brain. I love that term – so right on!

Here’s what you need to know about nonsense data . . .

When you fill up your brain’s info processing storage (think of it like RAM on your computer) with data that:

  • You don’t need to be thinking about
  • You have thought about a million times and aren’t taking action on 
  • Doesn’t apply or matter to you (someone else’s stuff)

You are slowing your brain down and sabotaging its ability to make good decisions, stay clear and focused and learn and process new information. You plug up your processing unit and get stuck!

Nonsense data = full brain & brain fog

Clearing brain fog and being focused and energized does require good levels of certain neurotransmitters in your brain. It also requires learning to filter out what you DON’T need to be listening to, talking about or thinking about. (I’ll get back to the Oscar’s in a minute.)

If your mind goes on auto-pilot and the monkey chatter takes you out of what you want to be focused on, I can help you with that.  That’s one of the steps of The Brain Makeover.

The Doors for The Brain Makeover Are Closing at end of day TOMORROW Once they are closed, they are closed.

If you want in, if you want to supercharge your brain and transform your life, ACT NOW!

Here’s what I’ll help you do in your brain makeover:

  1. Restore your brain chemistry which means you clear your mind of “fake” moods & thoughts
  2. Fuel your body-with brain boosting foods and body optimizing movement
  3. Train your mind to have positive, forward moving thought
  4. Tune up your hormones and other systems that slow you down
  5. Grow your emotional capacity so you can take life in stride and not react to other people’s drama
  6. Sustain self-care rituals that nourish your highest self

This means you’ll never have to settle for being or feeling anything less that the amazing, capable person you were born to be! Our world needs you!

So one last thing about the so-called “Oscar flub”. . . .

Yes, there’s a lesson here about multi-tasking-tweeting while you work. Your brain can’t really multi-task.

I think there’s an even more important lesson here.

When our brains are clear and optimized, we have more emotional capacity. This includes the capacity to be compassionate, forgiving and understanding.

Can’t we let go and just say this accountant at the Oscar made a mistake?

Like every other human does occasionally. Making such a big deal about it has the same effect on us and our brains as fake news.

We have real issues in our world and we need all our brains working together to solve them.

We don’t have RAM or time for nonsense data like an Oscar flub.

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