Social Study on Fake News & Your Brain

Social Study on Fake News & Your Brain

How you ever believed fake news?

Do you even know if some things are fake news or not?

You probably know “fake news” has become a real thing and suspect it’s one more reason to pay attention to how much and what news you watch. You are right!

Last week, Dr. Oz and Dr. Amen shared a social experiment they conducted to learn how fake news changes your brain.You can find the whole study online, but here’s the bottom line:

They hired high-profile fake news creator Jestin Coler (yes, that’s why he DOES for a living) to craft two fictional stories: one designed to prey on liberals and another on conservatives. Two women read these articles not knowing they were fake as Dr. Amen gathered quantitative EEG assessments on what was happening in their brain.

When each woman read the “fake news” story they disliked the most, their EEG showed their brain “changed” and “lit up” in the very same way it would if they had been physically attacked.

Here’s the really interesting part . . . once the women were told that the stories were fake, they STILL TRIED TO DEFEND THE FAKE NEWS! This shows our natural human tendency to “see” and “prove” our beliefs over fact. In other words:

[Tweet “Your thoughts and beliefs CREATE your reality.”]

In fact, the fake news creator himself had this to say:

“I’m able to basically hack your brain to mimic the panic of physical attack.”

He justified his self-described “fictional” news business because,

“Humans will believe whatever validates their world view anyway – why not make some money with click bait in the meantime?”

This might frustrate you and really make you angry, but that’s not my intent in sharing this social study. Shake it off!

I’m sharing this information to help you create an INSURANCE PLAN against the stress of real or fake news.

Your brain changes EVERY day and YOU decide how it changes.

If you allow your stress to percolate in your brain, you’ll begin producing cortisol and adrenaline whether the stress is real or perceived. At prolonged elevated levels, these chemicals begin to break down cells, especially brain cells. We call that neurodegeneration.

You brain is DESIGNED to not let that happen. When you choose a new thought or take a deep breath to calm your nervous system, this sends a message to the brain that you are calm and happy.

Your brain begins to make FEEL GOOD CHEMICALS like Serotonin, GABA and Oxytocin.

The only time your brain can’t do that as successfully for you is if your reserves of these chemicals have become depleted from constant high levels of stress or something else.


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