I Flinched! Ever Get Overwhelmed? (Listen to This)

I Flinched! Ever Get Overwhelmed? (Listen to This)

Ever have one of those days, Danielle?

This week I had a FLINCH that led to a flashback, and for a second I didn’t think I could handle one more thing on my plate!

You probably feel that way sometimes too?

Like there are things you’d like to be doing, even things that you know would energize you but you just don’t have the time or energy to take on one more thing?

This is dangerous because it leads to procrastination.
I’ll do it someday when I have more time.

I’m sharing my “flinch” with you because it can help you understand what stresses you out and overwhelms you, AND how to change it.

If you are short on time, here’s the most important point . . .

If you’re overwhelmed in your current situation, you’d be overwhelmed in ANY situation and even by just one thing. You won’t find relief from changing jobs or moving, or changing relationships and certainly not by waiting for a perfect time when you have less on your plate. (That never happens!)

Changing your surroundings or situation won’t make you less overwhelmed . . .

Learning how to NOT be overwhelmed is the only answer and that comes down to 2 things IN THIS ORDER:

  1. Restoring brain chemistry
  2. Retraining your mind to grow emotional capacity

I want to share what I wish I’d known years earlier. Listen in right now to hear about my flinch/flashback:

Before you can change your mindset to not feel stressed your brain MUST be making the brain chemicals that cause you to be clear, focused and energized.

I can teach you the right kind of nutrition to reach your goals.


This type of nutrition is called Neuro Nutrition. It’s also the way to feed your brain to reduce and eliminate feelings of anxiety, guilt, self-doubt, depression, cravings, emotional eating, a lack of motivation and burned out-false feelings that are literally caused by depleted neurotransmitter levels.

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You can be clear, focused, energized and never have to say no to something you want to do because you are too tired or don’t have enough time.


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