Fat Shaming, Metabolic Syndrome & Cost of Guilt

Fat Shaming, Metabolic Syndrome & Cost of Guilt

Have you heard that we have an epidemic of obesity going on?

I’m sure you have.

You already know 2/3 adults and 1/3 of children and adolescents are overweight and if that includes you, here’s one thing I want to tell you:

I know you KNOW being overweight isn’t healthy for you and you KNOW what you eat and how much you move have an effect on your weight.

Whether you’ve struggled with weight most of your life or you hit a point where all the ways you managed your weight before stopped working . . . I KNOW it has nothing to do with a lack of knowledge.

It’s frustrating when people try to give you advice that you already know.

It hurts deeply when people try to shame you about your weight.

I just read a new study that revealed shaming an overweight or obese person doesn’t only hurt, it also does not motivate them to lose weight and may even raise their risk for heart disease, metabolic syndrome and other health problems. More on that in a minute, but first, I really, really want you to consider something else.

Isn’t the real epidemic here the epidemic of shame and guilt?

These are the two most damaging emotions.
These emotions cause your whole brain and body to be stressed and shut down.

And sometimes the one who is “shaming” you is actually . . . you.

Here’s more from the research:

“The more self-blame and devalued that people said they felt when stigmatized as overweight, the more likely they were to have health problems that could lead to heart disease” revealed Rebecca Pearl-Assistant Professor of Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine in Philadelphia. She went on to say that in “those with higher levels of devaluation by others and self-blame were 46% more likely to have metabolic syndrome and were 6 times as likely to have elevated triglycerides.

Dr. Scott Kahan, the director of the National Center for Weight and Wellness in Washington, D.C. added, “Numerous studies have shown that experiencing weight stigma increases stress hormones, blood pressure, inflammation and ultimately increases the risk of several diseases, including diabetes and heart disease and has been linked with premature death, binge eating and weight gain.”

You can’t always control what other people say and do, but you CAN release any guilt or shame you carry for being overweight. You can also commit to NEVER, EVER shaming yourself or anyone else about how they look or feel.

You want to feel free and light and easy – like the person you KNOW you are.
You can make a great start by releasing SHAME and GUILT and stepping into JOY!

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The first step is to stop shaming yourself.


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