Wire Your Brain for Compassion (3 Ways You Can Feel More Peaceful)

Wire Your Brain for Compassion (3 Ways You Can Feel More Peaceful)

I’m writing to you from the beautiful Kona Kai Resort & Spa in San Diego, CA . . . it feels a little like I’ve gone to Hawaii! Yay! I’m here to meet with my entrepreneurial Mastermind to create our greatest VISION for providing massive service to the world in 2017.


It feels so good to be here among kindred spirits who share a collective passion to be the best version of ourselves so that we can serve others. When I created One Whole Health, my mission was clear . . .

“To Nourish the Collective Wellness of Our World…Beginning With You.”

We need this more than ever right now. There’s an increasing amount of negativity and divisiveness reflected in the media and social media on a daily basis. Isn’t that OK? Isn’t ok if even the people we’ve come to rely on as open minded have a “slip” and have closed minded thoughts now and then?

We’re ALL human, right?

At the same time…it doesn’t feel very good to be negative and it doesn’t help our brain.

How do we feel good AND rewire our brain to bring PEACE to ourselves and the world?

Every single one of us can bring more peace to the world through our own personal energy REBOUND. That means CHOOSE the energy you put out into the world. (which is the same as the energy you will feel).

I encourage us ALL to root our actions and thoughts in the Laws of Energy:

  1. Two opposing forms of energy cannot be in the same place at the same time
  2. Like attracts like

As Jewel puts it in one of my favorite songs Life Uncommon,

“No longer lend your strength to that which you wish to be free from.”

If you resist a message, or an action or an energy, you are actually attracting MORE of it.

I know it’s easier said than done to release fearful thoughts so today, I want to share 3 things our Sweet & Sour Cleanse Club Members are doing to rewire their brain for peace and compassion. These inspired actions literally have a physical effect on our brains and are something YOU can do to.

In the Sweet & Sour Cleanse Club, our members are:

  1. Eating Sugar-Free
  2. Exercising
  3. Detoxing Technology (Screen Time)

Here’s how those action steps rewire your brain:

Eating Sugar-Free:

Eating sugar makes us angry, impatient and reactionary due to the spikes and drops it creates in our blood sugar levels. The extreme example is that eating sugar is the #1 cause of domestic violence. Enough said.

Exercising & Detoxing Technology (Screen Time):

A University of Michigan study suggests that, as we age, our brain connections break down, slowing up our physical response times. According to the study, with age we seem to have excessive “cross-talk” between the two hemispheres of the brain. This cross-communication occurs through a brain structure called the corpus callosum, which can act as either a bridge or a dam between brain hemispheres.


Increased screen time and gaming creates this excessive “cross talk” between the two hemispheres of the brain which causes slowed response time to daily stimuli. (and isn’t ALL of our technology like a game these days in the sense that we are flipping back and forth between information, and screens, and pop-ups and crawls?)

A previous study done by another group shows that doing aerobic training for three months helped to rebuild the corpus callosum, which suggests that physical activity can help to counteract the effects of the age-related degeneration.

Multiple studies also show internet/gaming addiction or overuse causes gray matter atrophy. AKA – a shrinkage or loss of tissue volume. The areas of the brain affected include the important frontal lobe, which governs executive functions, such as planning, planning, prioritizing, organizing, and impulse control. A finding of particular concern was damage to an area known is the insula, which is involved in our capacity to develop empathy and compassion for others. The areas affected have an obvious link to violent behavior as well.

To me, it’s clear. We need and want to feel more peace and compassion. Our brains can help us with that.

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Try these 3 things:

  1. Eat Sugar-Free
  2. Exercise
  3. Detox Technology (Screen Time)

You’ll help yourself and our world.


More on the detriment of excessive cross-talk in the brain can be found at:

http://psychcentral.com/news/2010/09/13/as-we-age-loss-of-brain-connections-slows-our-reaction-time/18031.html and Zhou 2011Yuan 2011Weng 2013, and Weng 2012.

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