Signs Your Brain Is Running On Empty

Signs Your Brain Is Running On Empty

You deserve a big, full life. You deserve to have everything you dream about, and have fun and feel good in this life!

How did you feel when you read that?

What thoughts crept into your mind?

Does it sound too good to be true or feel too hard?

It doesn’t seem like that long ago when reading something like that would have made me sad, frustrated and like other people knew something I didn’t. In general, I would have said “Yeah, right” on the outside while on the inside, I’d be wondering if that statement was true for everyone else but me.

Maybe you felt like I did. You might feel like you are working as hard or harder than everyone else, but still getting nowhere and you’re TIRED. You might feel…

…like there is just too much stress in your life to focus on fun or feel good.

guilty when you take time for yourself because you didn’t get it all done.

…like you are behind and need a change, but have no idea where to start.

tired and confused about how other people seem to make it look easy.

You might tell yourself that you’ll slow down and refocus on YOU when _______________________ (fill in the blank).

You might have even doubt yourself or hate yourself because you’ve started to believe you have something wrong with you and CAN’T live your purpose in life.

These feelings that you THINK are you are not your imagination.

The thoughts are there, however those thoughts are not who you really are.

These thoughts that have you feeling burned out and wondering how long you can keep up at this pace are the effect of depleted brain chemistry.

Depleted brain chemistry causes MANY feelings and thoughts that you might mistake for your personality or just how you are.

Depleted brain chemistry also can cause physical health issues that you don’t realize have anything to do with your brain.

Depleted brain chemistry interferes with your productivity, your relationships, your self-esteem and your dreams.

Most people don’t realize these conditions, moods, symptoms and what feel like personality traits that are actually signs of depleted brain chemistry.

Brain chemistry CAN be restored through Neuro Nutrition. Read more about Neuro Nutrition Repair.

The Neurotransmitter Map

Your brain produces four types of neurotransmitters that ensure you have mood resilience, meaning the ability to experience true emotions and then bring yourself back to emotional balance. A well-fed brain does not get “stuck” in a mood, or produce a mood or physical symptom that is not based on an actual situation or trigger. You can think of it as four “gas tanks” in your brain. Each gas tank takes its own specific fuel and must be nourished properly to keep the tank full and your moods balanced.

Here are some of the things that happen when those gas tanks run on empty:

Signs you are low in Serotonin:

Cravings for Sugar and Starch
Anxiety and Depression
Insomnia or Trouble Sleeping
Headaches including Migraines
Low Self-Esteem & Guilt
Fears and phobias (have you heard my story about heights?)
Gut Issues

Signs you are low in Catecholamine:

Low Energy
Lack of Motivation
Poor focus or concentration (ADD)
Not feeling enthusiastic about life

Signs you are low in GABA:

Overstressed and burned out
Can’t relax
Tense and tight muscles
Trouble sleeping

Signs you are low in Endorphin:

Comfort Cravings and Emotional Eating
Take things personally
Get your feelings hurt
Cry or tear up when you didn’t mean to
Can’t deal with pain – physical or emotional

I can’t say this enough . . . you are NOT simply built this way. This is NOT just how you are.

Your brain is hungry and it can be fed.
When you feed it, you start to feel better, more energetic, more focused and like yourself again.
[Tweet “When you feel like yourself again . . . you OWN the day.”] You get stuff done and you’re not burned out.
You make time for fun and play.
You have JOY and don’t take things so seriously.

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You deserve your best life!


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