Defunk Your Mood (I Had to This Week).

Defunk Your Mood (I Had to This Week).

I’m sharing something that happened to me this week because:

1. I know it can help you when this happens to you

2. I want you to know that this happens to everyone sometimes

Monday morning I was in a total funk!

I didn’t even see it coming, but I sure felt it when it hit.

Here’s what happened:

Being the Brain Coach that I am, I could think this is too vulnerable to share but it’s too important NOT to share.

Every single week at least one of my clients hits a down mood and they feel a little funky. The reason they get in a funk might be the exact same reason YOU and I get in a funk:

You think you should hit a point where you don’t get down anymore . . . ever.

The reality is  . . . you are a multi-factorial being that is changing all the time and your environment changes all the time.Our range of emotions are natural, and even helpful at times and certainly to be expected. You WILL have highs and lows. Everyone does.


All you need to do is take charge of leading your brain out of the funk.

When I woke up Monday, I started my day with my usual devotion and journaling time. Then, I opened my computer to begin responding to emails and journals . . .

That’s when I felt it.

I was in a slump and I didn’t feel like doing anything. My mind started chattering about the intensity of my days last week and how I deserved a break.

I hate that feeling . . . my stomach was in knots and I started to think that nothing I was doing would work the way I wanted it to. Left unchecked . . . I would have spiraled downward into a really unproductive, yucky day.

Thankfully, this only lasted about an hour before I realized I had to change my energy.

Here’s 4 things I did to get out of my funk:

1. I gave myself permission to feel this way.That might sound woo-woo but all it means is that I said it was OK and then I took a moment to name the things I KNOW contributed to how I was feeling. This helped me know there is a reason and the reasons are things I can rebound from.

Here’s my list:

I didn’t recover this weekend because I was visiting family including my cousin in the cancer center.
It’s been dark, gloomy and rainy for days.
I didn’t exercise this weekend.
I ate some white flours this weekend.
I read WAY too many negative social media posts.That’s enough to put ANYONE in a funk. I know this. It helps to acknowledge!

2. Even though I’d done my devotion and meditation, I was distracted so I took 5 min to practice something my spiritual teacher just taught me.

I closed my eyes and just paid attention to my breath.
I tuned into things I am grateful for.
I tuned into what IS working in my life.
I asked Spirit to show me the way to BE the presence of love today and let Spirit know I’m ready to receive.

Sounds simple . . .and it works. I immediately felt refreshed.

3. Then I rearranged my day. I only had a few set appts so I put everything else on a To Do Menu and started with what I felt like doing first. So I wrote before I made phone calls because energetically I didn’t feel ready for phone calls. It was just a matter of rearranging things and heck! I’m in charge!! To warm up to the idea of getting things done, I started with reaching out for support for The Water Bearers Campaign because that feels good!

[Tweet “Getting out of our head and serving others ALWAYS feel good.”]

4, Lastly, I made one more journal entry where I declared the thoughts I was releasing because those thoughts are simply NOT true. I wrote, “The mind thinks I can’t ______________________ and what that means is that I’m refusing. or resisting to do those things or I’m afraid to do those things. I know that’s not true at all so thinking those thought for one more minute is a total waste of time and energy.”

When I closed my journal, those thoughts were gone.

These sound like simple exercises and they are. At the same time they are powerful ways to interrupt our patterns, thinking and behavior and shift our energy. You won’t believe me until you actually try it.

So try it and post a comment on this blog when you do.


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