If I can just get through the holidays, then I can……

If I can just get through the holidays, then I can……

Have you said those words to anyone lately? Even to yourself?

If I can just get through the holidays, then I can . . . get back to my work out.
If I can just get through the holidays, then I can . . . get more sleep.
If I can just get through the holidays, then I can . . . get my house put back together.
If I can just get through the holidays, then I can . . . I’ll have more time.
If I can just get through the holidays, then I can . . . take on that new project at work.

I’ve literally heard those words from at least 10 people in the last week.
I used to live by those words, keeping my nose down, working hard and making an actual pile of the creative projects, travel plans, new work outs and ideas I had that I just KNEW I’d make time for.

. . .  as soon as  . . . 

YEARS went by.

That’s the thing . . . after the holidays…isn’t there always something else to GET THROUGH?
It NEVER feels like a good time to make time for yourself or take on the “extra” thing, does it?
You NEVER feel like you have more time. Then you’ll be sitting here NEXT holiday season saying . . . as soon as I get through the holidays, then . . .

Same is true for money . . . If I can just wait until I have a little more money, then . . .

Don’t set yourself up that way! It sucks!

Here’s what happens when you are always putting off what you want to do for a time when you have more time . . .

You put your LIFE ON HOLD.

You WAIT to begin living your wildest dreams and getting in your best shape and health.

This time of year (and any BUSY time of year) is the best compressed emotional field there is to learn about yourself, your patterns and how your thoughts are making you feel, so you can make a SHIFT that helps you have time for everything you want in life.  As much as it seems you can’t possibly take time to think about those things IT’S THE PERFECT TIME to do it. You’ll never get a clearer picture of your emotional reactions which are the key to having more time and getting more done.

The biggest difference in getting what you want in life or waiting for those things to happen doesn’t come down to working harder or having more time. It just doesn’t.

The biggest difference in achieving your goals and having what you want in life comes down your Emotional Capacity.

The truth is even the most wildly successful people (Oprah, Tony Robbins, Elon Musk, Joe De Sena, Richard Branson, Lady Gaga, Melinda Gates) don’t have any more time than you do. The only difference between them and you is that they don’t let circumstances in life become obstacles or a reason they can’t get something done.

[Tweet “Life doesn’t get easier, you just get better & you get better by developing a greater Emotional Capacity.”]

Here’s what I mean by Emotional Capacity. It’s the ability to:

  • Feel your emotions as they come without trying to escape
  • Ride the wave of emotion without getting thrown off track of your goals
  • Recognize what you are thinking that led to the emotion (because it’s not the circumstance that causes hesitation or fear, it’s what you think about the circumstance)
  • Change your energy or emotion
  • Ultimately change your thoughts so different emotions are created

When you develop Emotional Capacity here’s what happens:

External circumstances don’t become obstacles or stop you from achieving your goals and dreams.
You can take on MORE goals, MORE projects, MORE fun, MORE adventure in your life and you won’t be more tired . . . you’ll actually be MORE ENERGIZED without all the emotions weighing you down.

So how do you grow Emotional Capacity?

  1. Improve your awareness of when you are feeling an emotion. Identify your “physical clue” that tells you a feeling is affecting your energy. For me – I hold my breath. If I notice that I’m holding my breath, then I know emotion is influencing how I feel and what I do.
  2. Name that emotion. Simple as it sounds. “Oh, I feel worried right now.”
  3. Ask yourself “What is the mind thinking that has me worried?”
  4. Shift the energy or the emotion (eventually you’ll be able to shift the thought but start with the energy).

You can shift your energy by doing something that relaxes the nervous system and shifts the area of the brain where neurons are firing from your limbic system to your prefrontal cortex. It’s especially helpful to do something that moves your attention to your body vs your thoughts. Try a couple of these:

*Take 4 deep breaths while thinking “I got this. I got this I got this.”
*Put a pencil or pen in your mouth which turns up the corners of your mouth and literally sends the message to the brain that you are smiling.
* Laugh. Out loud. For absolutely no reason. (this is the premise of Laughter Yoga.)
*Stand on one leg and raise your arms to the sky and say “I’m a Tree.” Hold for at least 20 seconds and you’ll begin forming a new neural pathway.
* Imagine a box or create an actual envelope or box where you write down the thoughts that are causing you to tense up. Place those thoughts in the box or envelope. Turn them over to something greater than your mind to take care of.

Practice these exercises multiple times a day, whenever you find yourself thinking . . .
I can’t.
I don’t know how.
I’m not good enough.

And especially . . .

If I can just get though, then . . .

I swear . . . it works!

Be Healthy…Be Happy…Be Laughter…Be Love!


PS – Try these exercises for 7 days. I’d love to hear how it works for you. If you find your mind can’t hold attention on doing these exercises, your brain chemistry could be depleted causing self-doubt, brain fog and lack of motivation. Find out with my Self Scoring Brain Chemistry Assessment.If you have high scores consider Neuro Nutrition because it doesn’t have to be this way!

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