What To Do When Things Don’t Go Your Way

What To Do When Things Don’t Go Your Way

You might be feeling scared about the current events.

You might see terrible things happening in the world and wonder how, when or if humanity is going to get it together.

There’s a lot happening and not everything that has transpired may be what you wanted to happen.

I want to share some hope today, and a perspective that may make you feel better and make you happy.

That’s because (and a client literally quoted ME to ME today, lol!):

[Tweet ” “The Greatest Gift You Can Give The World is YOUR Happiness.””] This also means the fastest way YOU can help bring peace to the world is to first bring PEACE and LOVE to yourself.

Love or Fear

Each form of energy has many faces. You can tell if it’s love or fear by noticing if it opens you or closes you. Fear can appear as resistance, control, indecision, numbing, stuffing emotions, denial, tolerating, procrastinating, avoidance, jealousy, judgment, avoidance, searching, resentment, worry, guilt, uneasiness, uncertainty, striving, self-doubt, hiding and rigidity (and many more). You know you are thinking or acting out of fear when a CERTAIN outcome is the only acceptable outcome. To discover fear, ask yourself:

“What are you trying to MAKE or NOT LET happen?”

If you have an answer, you are likely in fear.

Love is easy to recognize. It never has you thinking you must DO something. It just is. Love allows all things.

It embraces all things.

It trusts all things and therefore, transcends all things.

ALL THINGS (this means the things your mind doesn’t find acceptable!)

When you live from love, you embrace the present moment and your creations. Every single one of them. You release your grip on life. You realize you don’t “HAVE” a life, but rather you ARE life. You (life) has no beginning and no end. It is. You find JOY!

The word love is often misused to mean something conditional. Love is commonly viewed as something that can be turned on or off. Given to some people and not others. Love is often treated as a commodity. THIS is not real love. This is “sentimental” love which has been contaminated by the ego mind to get what it wants. Bonus Tip: If you are disappointed in love, there was no love there to begin with. (Way of Mastery)

Life can be a JOY RIDE when you live from love. In order to purify your energy, it is helpful to find the area where fear lives and apply love. Doing so means there is no longer room in that place for fear. And, as the second law of energy implies, love attracts more love.

Try the following exercises to find places where fear is occupying your mind space.

  1. Journal 5 situations that disturb you. You’ll know what these are because they cause you to tense up. Name the emotion you feel about these situations.
  2. Journal 5 people that you find challenging. These might be people that “push your buttons” or that you prefer to avoid. Name the emotion you feel about these people.
  3. Journal 5 thoughts that make you feel bad (or angry, or sad, or defeated) Name the emotion these thoughts evoke.

Complete the following steps for each item on your journal lists:

  • Contemplate if your “un-ease” with the situation, person or thought is a result of looking for a certain, limiting outcome. Ask again, what does your mind believe is true in order to feel uncomfortable?
  • Bring each situation, person or thought into your consciousness.
  • Breath into it with all parts of YOU including your Higher Self – the breath is the fastest access point to LOVE
  • ALLOW that situation, person or thought – just as it is.
  • It may actually be more effective to breathe into and release the BELIEF your mind has had about the situation, person or thought.
  • Purge or detox the meaning your mind has attached to that situation.
  • LET IT GO!
  • Release these items to BE just as they are, bless them and release them.
  • Then name the LOVE emotion that you feel.
  • Repeat for each item in your journal list.

According to Bruce Lipton, our energy changes the chemistry of the blood and affects every single cell of the body as well as gene expression. Shifting fear into love is LITERALLY a preventative wellness practice.


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