When Health Information BACK FIRES!!! (See What Happened)

When Health Information BACK FIRES!!! (See What Happened)

Whenever I see or hear multiple clients having a similar observation about themselves and their behavior, I know we’ve uncovered something that likely applies to many. I’ve had such a discovery over the past couple months regarding HEALTH INFORMATION. So I want to SHARE this with you so that it might help you notice what the mind could be doing.

There is endless source of information out there these days regarding


We have EASY access online to all kinds of research and expert recommendations – and that is GREAT!  In my opinion that allows you to become more and more of your own best Health Advisor and I highly recommend taking that PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. So what I’m about to say about being a “Health Info Junkie” might surprise you!

Having access to great health information can be VERY beneficial . . . to a point.

It’s beneficial to the point of DISTRACTION from ACTION.

What I mean by that is that this information is ONLY beneficial when you take a golden nugget out of the heap, and polish it up and put it into ACTION – as soon as you read it. Otherwise, you could read and read and read forever and NOTHING would ever change for YOU and YOUR well-being.

As a host of online summits and Master Class series, it may sound strange for me to say this, but SUMMITS CAN BECOME A DISTRACTION to the very level of HEALTH you are trying to achieve.

I’ll share three client examples of what I mean. I’ve changed the names because frankly . . . this could be YOU!

#1 – Rebecca was a private client of mine who was working on repairing MANY years of operating under high stress and anxiety.  We were working together over the course of a year to not only feed her brain, but change her thought and reaction habits. I noticed a pattern. In the beginning of our time together, every Friday night I’d get a text from Rebecca asking me if she should sign up for someone else’s online program. She’s already committed financially to a year of private coaching with me which is a MUCH deeper transformation program than anything she was looking at.

I’d respond . . . ”That is your choice but can I ask WHY?”

Why would she want to add more to her plate?

What did she think she would get out of that program that she wasn’t getting here?
How does she think she can focus on two programs at once when ONE seems overwhelming?

Rebecca realized that looking at another program was THE MIND searching for a quicker solution (AKA MAGIC PILL) – one that didn’t involve her taking responsibility for making change. (AKA DOING ANYTHING.)

#2 – Andrea was another private client. She ran at super fast speed as an entrepreneur and among many intentions she’d set for her year-long coaching problem was to PUT HERSELF FIRST. She knew she couldn’t continue putting herself on the back burner. She wanted to give HER HEALTH the attention she gave her business. In a journal one weekend, she was writing about how she’d signed up to listen in to a tele-summit. WITHIN the very same journal, she came to the BRILLIANT conclusion that she had done that to DISTRACT herself. By taking time to listen to all these interviews with all this health information, Andrea was SUCCESSFULLY avoiding the goals she’d set for herself for the week. This was MAJOR self-sabotage in the disguise of “learning how to get healthy.”

#3 – Karen was a client in The Brain Makeover and I’ll allow her journal to speak for itself. Karen wrote:

“Listening to health summits gives me passive info which I like, but does not require me to follow through on anything. I am not accountable. And it lays out too many choices, varying paths.”

It’s very easy for all of us to spin our wheels trying to “decide” the right thing to do. Not just in health, but in every area of our life.  This is the lesson of books never written, businesses never launched and dreams never pursued.

I’m not discouraging you from taking part in tele-summits (especially mine lol!) or doing your own research. You DO know yourself BEST. I am, however, asking you to be honest with yourself and ask,

WHY am I reading this information?
What is my Intention for listening to this interview?

I feel the same way about laboratory testing. Only run the test if you plan to TAKE ACTION on the result.

Otherwise, what’s the point of knowing you have Candida if you don’t plan to do a Candida Diet and Detox Plan?

Here’s My Top Recommendation for making sure health information doesn’t Back Fire for you:

This is what we are doing in the most recent tele-summit I’m hosting (freeandfearlessmind.com). With each lesson, I’m asking the participants to choose:

1-2 Words of Wisdom – (these are phrases, quotes or facts to write down and place somewhere in your environment like on your computer screen or refrigerator) Words of wisdom that you look at daily are seeds of information or inspiration that you are planting in your cellular memory to work on a subconscious level.

1 Action Step – Yes ONE. This is one deliberate action you will take based on what you have learned.
Choose only one and practice it for a minimum of a week – a month is better. Do this before you begin ANY other new action. This is the art of PRACTICING new behavior into a new neural pathways.It is the ONLY way to make lasting change.

Don’t allow this to discourage you from gaining more knowledge, especially for easily accessible summits. Use this as an opportunity to PLAY with a new way of learning.

Try it out! Leave a comment about what you LOVE about this approach.

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