Do This First Thing Today For a Super Productive Day!

Do This First Thing Today For a Super Productive Day!

The first hour of the day sets the tone . . . the tempo . . . for everything that happens the rest of the day.

I’ve proven that to myself and others, over and over and over again!

How did your day begin?
What word would you use to describe the energy you felt as you started the day?
Were you Inspired?

How is that energy serving you? Is it lifting you UP or is it weighing you DOWN?

Today, I want to share a ritual to start your day.

I call this a Sunrise Ritual, and it’s one of the first things I teach to every single client I work with and that I use myself every day.

If your mind is starting to chatter with something like:

“I don’t have time to read this…”

or “My day has already started…”

or “I don’t have time to do this every day…”

Ask the mind kindly to RELAX because YOU ARE THE LEADER OF YOUR IND.

If your day has already begun today TRY a modified version of the Sunrise Ritual in the next 10 min.

THEN PLAY with the FULL ritual tomorrow morning.

Sunrise Ritual

How to set a temp for the day to bring success, peace and results.

Why A Sunrise Ritual:

Before you create your Sunrise ritual, it is helpful to understand WHY this is important.

[Tweet “We CANNOT experience anything that we are not devoted to. Period.”]

It stands to reason, then, that if you want success, peace, health, results and to feel good . . . you must devote a large part of your day to creating these things.

Make no mistake – you are ALWAYS creating. You just may not be aware of WHAT you creating.

Quick Devotion Check: You are MOST devoted to the things you spend the most time, money and energy on.

Is your devotion aligned with your intention and purpose?

If not, use the Sunrise Ritual to shift the focus.

5 Reasons To Create a Sunrise Ritual:

  1. It is a way to calm your nervous system and your brain first thing in the day so your cells are more receptive to learning, creating and even nutrition.
  2. It is a way to remind yourself (and your mind) that YOU matter. Your Self-Care is as important as anything else you will do today.
  3. It is the ULTIMATE act of Self-Love and without self-love you cannot serve, love or connect with others or share your gift with the world. And the world NEEDS your gifts.
  4. It is a way to develop PRESENCE of what is.
  5. It is a way to connect with your higher thinking self ,or higher power and make decisions and plans for action from that intelligence.

Steps to Create a Sunrise Ritual:

Step 1: Wake up 1 hour before you have to do ANYTHING

Step 2: Find a quiet, comfortable inspiring environment to sit for the hour.

Step 3: Dedicate at least 10 min to each Element of the Sunrise Ritual:
                  Connect With Breath (choose your favorite breathing exercise or guided meditation)
                  Feel Your Body (guided visualization or self-directed body scan)
                  Declaration of Willingness to Be Guided (out loud or in journal – use your own words)
                   Gratitude Practice (out loud or in journal)
                  Declaration of Self-Love (out loud or in journal)
                  Intention for the Day (out loud or in journal)

Ideas for Your Sunrise Ritual:

Here are some questions that can help you create your Declarations of Willingness, Self Love & Intention

What will remind me who I am and my ultimate purpose in this life?
What gives me most power and ambition?
What will ground me so I can share ALL of myself with the world today?
What will make my day FUN?
What will help me know that I MATTER and that MY GIFTS ARE NEEDED in this world?

What am I missing out on and what is the world missing out on if I don’t GROW my capacity to do more and share MORE of myself?

Who do I REALLY want to be?
Who do I know I am?
What is the biggest statement I could make today that reminds me of my higher power?
What do I need to give myself right now that makes me feel WHOLE?

Step 4: Immediately following your Sunrise Ritual, nourish your body with breakfast.
Ideally . . . practice your daily movement within 2-3 hours of your Sunrise Ritual.

This ritual may sound too hard or like it takes too long.

Bring your curiosity and TRY it. It will be the greatest return on investment of 1 hour that you’ll ever experience.

Do this daily for 7 days and share your results on our Facebook Group.

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