Ever Feel Like You Are Swimming Upstream?

Ever Feel Like You Are Swimming Upstream?

Ebb & Flow

In nature plants and animals live in tune with their cyclical nature . . . moving with the rhythms.

Day . . . Night . . .  Sunrise . . . Sunset . . . Spring . . . Fall . . .  Full Moon . . .  Quarter Moon . . . High Tide . . . Low Tide . . . Birth . . . Death.

Often it seems humans have forgotten their inner rhythm and their inner intelligence. People look outside themselves for answers and try to “manage” or predict the future (not to mention analyze what they did in the past to cause things to change.) You might find that you unintentionally try to control or manipulate the cycles . . . control the outcome.

One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself and your energy level is to honor the cycles. Expect the change.

[Tweet “You are energy and energy must move and change. YOU (energy) are not static.”]

Wouldn’t it be refreshing to stop expecting life to stay the same?

Wouldn’t it be great to see change as evolution instead of some mistake you made along the way?

Wouldn’t it be frickin fantastic to allow what is . . . EVERYTHING that is? Think of the peace!!

The ultimate reward for honoring our cyclical nature is to find HAPPINESS with all that is.

In any situation. When you do that, you’ll understand why Deepak Chopra says, “Happiness for a reason, is just another form of misery.” If something outside of you “makes” you happy, surely you will be unhappy when the cycle shifts.

Notice the static expectations you have of life and journal ways you will let go and allow the flow.

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