MORE Than Just A Detox – Tune up This Body Filter to Feel Great!

MORE Than Just A Detox – Tune up This Body Filter to Feel Great!

You might read a lot about “detoxing” and “boosting your immune system” to stay healthy, fit and happy. But way too often a really important body system is left out of the conversation!

I’m talking about your LYMPH system – the network of tissues and organs that help rid the body of toxins, waste and other unwanted materials. The primary function of the lymphatic system is to transport lymph, a fluid containing infection-fighting white blood cells, throughout the body.

There are 500-600 lymph nodes in your body and as many lymphatic vessels as blood vessels and this system works hard to clear the body of toxic metabolic waste…

BUT . . . your Lymph system needs a tune up every now and then to prevent too much waste from accumulating.

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Learn Why your Lymph System needs your help and Simple Ways to Keep Your Lymph Flowing and YOU healthy, fit and happy!

Here’s the key reason that toxins can accumulate and your Lymph system can slow down:

Unlike the blood which is kept moving by a fantastic pump called THE HEART,

The lymph fluid HAS NO PUMP.

This means it is much more likely for your lymph to slow down and toxins and metabolic waste to build up in your body.

That means YOU need to keep your lymph moving to keep you healthy!

Stimulating your lymph system is simple to do.

Here are my top tips for good lymph stimulation. Keeping your lymph system in tip top shape is one more reason to implement these practices. Any of these exercises can easily become part of your daily routine!


  • Drink good, alkalized water . . . Without adequate water, lymph fluid cannot flow properly. To help ensure the water is readily absorbed by your cells you can add lemon!
  • Eliminate acidic foods and liquids. These include soda, sports drinks, fruit juices and dairy, sugar, most grains and unclean   meats.
  • Eat raw fruit on an empty stomach. The enzymes and acids in fruit are powerful lymph cleansers. Eat them on an empty     stomach for best digestion and maximum lymph-cleansing benefits. Most fruits are digested within 30 minutes or so andquickly help you feel better. Raw Apple Cider Vinegar is a great option too.
  • Eat plenty of green vegetables to alkalinize your body. The chlorophyll purifies your blood and lymph.
  • Try a tea! Good lymph cleansing options include Astragalus, Echinacea, Goldenseal, Wild Indigo Root or Cleavers.


Movement for lymph stimulation and clearing is NOT all about calorie burn. Any and all movement counts!

  • Aerobic Exercise like jogging, swimming, cycling or rebounding using large muscle groups have been reported to increase lymph flow by 15-30 times.
  • Use your left arm even if you are right handed. This stimulate lymph flow and is key for breast cancer prevention.
  • Resistance or Strength Training are exercises that cause the muscles to contract against an external resistant which increases strength, tone, mass and endurance. You don’t need expensive equipment to make this happen. Squats, pushups and pull ups count!
  • Flexibility-stretching and even squatting (5 mins a day sit with your bum between your feet) get things moving. Yoga is another great option.

Mind Body Connection

Help your body relax and reduce stress with practices including:

  • Deep Breathing Exercises
  • Meditation
  • Laughter Yoga
  • Gentle Walks
  • Journaling

Body Touch or Manipulation

  • Acupuncture, Acupressure or Cupping are great for healthy energy and lymph flow.
  • Reflexology on the point at the bottom of your breast bone by vigorously rubbing this area for 2 min.
  • Lymph Milking – start under the jaw and “milk” down your throat on each side of neck and then move to base of skull behind ears and push upward under the skull. These manipulations are great for sore throats, sinus congestion, headaches and neck tension.
    Always “milk” toward the heart.
  • Massage can release up to 78% of stagnant lymph. Find a therapist that specializes in lymph drainage.
  • Dry skin brush before showering. Use a natural bristle brush. Brush your dry skin in circular motions upward from the feet to the torso and from the fingers to the chest. You want to work in the same direction as your lymph flows—toward the heart.
  • Alternate hot and cold showers for several minutes. The heat dilates the blood vessels and the cold causes them to contract. Avoid this type of therapy if you have a heart or blood pressure condition or if you are pregnant.
  • Inversion – hang upside down on an Inversion Table or off the end of your bed.

Give these exercises a try and see how it feels. Pick one and try it for 30 days.

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