Your Biological Clock Might Not Be What You Think

Your Biological Clock Might Not Be What You Think

You’ve probably heard of your biological clock, but you may have misunderstood how that clock works.

YOU can’t know your body’s timing and neither can the mind. No matter how much either of you try.

If the mind challenges you on that, ask it to show you the “blueprint” of your body’s design and tell you about the DAY that IT (the mind) came up with that plan! 🙂

Keep Reading to learn how to FLOW with your natural timing . . .


“The human body is an amazing bio-computer making millions of micro-adjustments every second of every day. If given a chance, the body will heal itself by itself.” ~ Joshual Rosenthal, Founder of The Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Don’t misunderstand – that doesn’t mean you should sit around disregarding your well being and assume the body will make up for unhealthy choices.

It also doesn’t mean you should try to FORCE the body to operate on the mind’s schedule.

Let’s take the example of losing weight.

You probably have a basic understanding that what you eat and your caloric burn largely affect your ability to maintain a healthy weight.

And yet you’ve gotten away with less than healthy choices, haven’t you?

At some you’ve probably also hit a wall and the unhealthy choices or lack of activity “caught up with you.”

The same is true of STRESS.

You might have been able to tolerate more when you were younger or under certain life circumstances.

Now you might find that daily activities like laundry, cooking, doing your job . . . feel like they have snowballed.

Your choices create a CUMULATIVE LOAD on your body when it comes to weight, stress, toxins, exercise, sleep . . . EVERY aspect of your well being.

If you want to restore BALANCE and LIGHTNESS in your body, mind and spirit in every way . . . it is ESSENTIAL to create a space where the body can find its way back . . . in its own timing.

How Do You Do That?

*Allow the body its own time to restore its highest function. A good guideline is to allow the half the time it took you to create the cumulative toxic load. Ex: If it took 3 years to put on 20 lbs give the body 1.5 years to lose the weight.

*Understand that all toxins are equal when it comes to the body . . . sugar, negative thinking, perceived stress, trying to rush the body, having unrealistic expectations, drugs, nicotine . . . all of these toxins slow your metabolic health.

*Remember this is a CUMULATIVE load over your lifetime. Make lifestyle changes that are sustainable for the long haul in order to turn the tides.

*Be friends with your body. ANGER is a cell stopping, nutrition blocking, attraction halting energy.
It never pays to be angry with your weight, your health, a disease, a cure or at all.

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Begin to pay attention to what you are expecting of your body and UPGRADE those expectations to be more realistic!

At the same time . . . practice DAILY gratitude for one thing your body does for you. Release the temptation to use this practice to blame yourself for mis-treating your body for that would defeat the purpose.

Create a new and improved relationship with your body because, after all, you are IN THIS LIFE TOGETHER for the long haul.

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