Be Your Own Best Health Advisor

Be Your Own Best Health Advisor

In 1956 Roger Williams published Biochemical Individuality, asserting that individuality permeates each part of the human body. This book explained how personal differences in anatomy, metabolism, composition of bodily fluids and cell structure influence your overall health. Each person, Williams wrote, has genetically determined and highly individualistic nutrition requirements.

This means that no one way of eating is right for everyone and one person’s nourishment is another person’s poison.

The same is true of non food forms of nourishment. Each person handles different levels of stress in different ways. Some need more or less sleep. Some do better with many relationships while others thrive with fewer relationships of more depth. And so on, and so on.

[Tweet “Just like no religion is the best for every person, no one lifestyle is ideal for all people.”]

Quantum Physics and Epigenetics teach us that EVERYTHING in our world is made up cells that are moving. Even that which we consider a solid, inanimate object, when viewed down at the microscopic level, is actually moving. All things, including human beings, are composed of moving atoms that we perceive to be solid. Nothing is as static as it appears to be. You are a  MOVING, ever changing LIFEFORCE or ENERGY. It stands to reason then that our Bio-Individuality also changes over time. In other words, what was once nourishing you doesn’t necessarily serve you in that way for your entire life time.

This is why it is critical for you well being to become your own best health advisor.

Absolutely consult research and experts – from a standpoint of curiosity. CONSIDER the information without drawing CONCLUSIONS. Take every piece of information to YOUR OWN body and see what happens and what you experience personally. Every choice is the right one for someone….and that someone could be you.

At the same time, you could be the exception to the rules we think of as common. Ultimately, YOU know your body best. Be sure to consider the wisdom of your heart, gut and body in addition to your intellectual mind.

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