Tired of Feeling Tired? (Simple Way To Boost Energy RIGHT NOW)

Tired of Feeling Tired? (Simple Way To Boost Energy RIGHT NOW)

You struggle to get up in the morning feeling rested and energized.

The weight of your responsibilities feels heavy on your shoulders.

You KNOW you want to take better care of yourself and maybe even exercise in the morning but no matter what you try there doesn’t seem to be enough time. Or it is energy that’s lacking?

You stay up later than you planned to get enough done and this leaves you falling short in “get up and go” the next day.

This can feel like a NEVER ENDING CIRCLE . . .

. . . but it doesn’t have to stay that way.

Sure . . . you can POWER THROUGH and force a workout, grab a coffee or take a pill . . . but truly

“Figuring Out” how to have more energy when you feel tired feels impossible and frankly, counter-intuitive.

How can I work out when I’m so tired?

How can I feel rested when I can’t sleep?

How can I add ANYTHING ELSE to my day when I am tapped out NOW?

BUT . . . there’s another way to give yourself a boost of energy that is completely MANAGEABLE , takes only a few minutes of your time AND is completely free and accessible to anyone.

What I’m going to share here is a strategy that I’ve taught to hundreds of people and when they execute (whether they believe it will work or not) I’ve seen it make a difference EVERY time.

It’s Simple . . . Here it is:

Begin Your Day BY Making an Investment In YOU.

Your choice of investment is not nearly as important as making it FIRST THING in the day.
SHOW yourself that YOU matter and you are as important as the million other things you will take care of during the day.

This investment can be spiritual, emotional or physical.

It can be eating a peaceful, nutrient dense breakfast, doing a 15 min workout or spending 10 mins before your day begins in meditation or prayer.

It can be a walk outside, journaling the things you LOVE about yourself or allowing yourself 15 mins to read something you find entertaining.

You might even try something like asking yourself “How ARE you today?” and literally verbalizing the answer in the mirror.

The point is –

[Tweet “TAKE 10-15 MIN FOR YOU. Right away! Every day!”]

The point is not losing yourself in an over-crowded, TO DO list that serves everyone and everything except YOU, YOUR HEART, YOUR SOUL and YOUR WELLNESS.

I call this practice the Sunrise Ritual and you can create it in any way that feels WONDERFUL to you.

Creating the ritual trains the mind by “planting a seed” in the reticular activating system.
The new habit is supported by the “time” you dedicate in solitude because that shifts you from the limbic system of your brain (fight or flight) into your “thinking” pre-frontal part of your brain
The key to truly solidifying this habit and forming a new neural pathway is the you must PRACTICE the ritual – you must execute.

That’s the brain science of it. I’m here to tell you there is also an impact that cannot be quantified.
It’s impact on your heart, soul and spirit.

The ONLY way you will feel that energetic impact is to TRY IT.

Super important – if you’ve missed THIS morning . . . it’s not too late and I’m not even talking about trying your ritual tomorrow morning. You can decide the minute you read this to kick things off with 10-15 minutes RIGHT NOW that are dedicated to you and your well being. Step out of the office. Tell the family you need to be alone for a few minutes. Go do something RIGHT now that reaffirms your own self importance.

Then, do it again tomorrow morning.

PS – If you struggle to put this practice in place, I can help. Click here to speak with me about it!
If you find a ritual that works – share it on our Facebook page. We’re in this together so let’s help each other along!

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