Why Falling Behind Is Actually Slowing You Down

Why Falling Behind Is Actually Slowing You Down

Are you feeling behind already today?

Have you forgotten to breathe and BE in the moment?

Have you missed the opportunities the universe is delivering all around you?

Have you been too busy to enjoy the people standing right next to you?

Are you trying soooo hard yet not feeling like you are getting anywhere?

Here’s why that thinking is holding you back and frankly is down-right dangerous!

As a human being, you are DESIGNED to:

Wake up easily in the morning feeling rested
Go to the bathroom probably within the first hour without any kind of stimulant or laxative
Eat three meals a day and not feel hungry or have cravings in between
Feel enthusiastic and content about your day
Have great memory and stamina
Go to sleep easily and sleep the whole night through
Attract and create the life you desire.

Quantum Physics shows us that everything in our world is made up of moving atoms of energy that compose ALL matter including YOU.

Even things you think are inanimate objects like the chair you are sitting on, the room you are in and the computer screen you are reading are not solid, but rather swirling cells of life-force known as ENERGY!

There are 2 Universal Laws of Energy:

  1. Energy Must Flow
  2. No Two Forms Of Energy Can Exist In The Same Place At The Same Time

Here’s where it gets a big dicey . . . every illness, depression, malnutrition, accident, negative experience you encounter happens when energy stops flowing. The message behind every problem you experience, outcome you are not happy with or goal you fail to achieve is that somewhere, somehow . . . your energy has become STUCK!

(before you tense up your energy even further by worrying about what you just read, please . . . continue because it is simple to turn this around)

Energy is a barometer of health
Energy that is stagnant or stuck holds you back

Energy must be in constant movement for creation, attraction and good health. When energy becomes stuck or you hold onto energy, cellular communication is interrupted, vibration is low, nutrients are not transported through the body, waste is not processed properly, everything becomes clogged up and prone to disease, not to mention feel tired and bad. When energy is flowing your body heals, your muscles relax, you open up, you have less constipation, you lose weight, your heart and other organs function with less effort and you feel good.

What does all of this have to do with FALLING BEHIND?

“Falling Behind” is a perception that clogs up your energy.

“Falling Behind” is actually Feeling Behind.

When you FEEL behind, you are constricting and pulling back.

This thought creates a tension in your energy that shuts EVERYTHING down.

What if you released “the grip” you have on life?

What if you allowed Life and You to breathe?

What if you went WITH the flow and allowed things to turn out as they are meant to?

What if you let go of trying to make things perfect?

Do this right now . . . 

  1. Bring your awareness to something you feel behind on
  2. Stand up and take 4 deep breaths – in through your nose and out through your mouth
  3. Then take 4 more deep breaths and this time
    as you inhale say to yourself “Everything happens in divine timing”

and as you exhale say to yourself “I release my grip and allow the flow”

[Tweet “Releasing the GRIP and dissolving expectations will OPEN your energy flow.”] You’ll be amazed at how you accomplish more in a day but you’ll be especially happy with how you can enjoy the present moment.
Creation only happens when energy flows.
Attraction only happens when energy flows.

LET GO and FLOW!!!

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