Free Yourself From The Pressures of Time! (My Favorite Simple Strategy)

Free Yourself From The Pressures of Time! (My Favorite Simple Strategy)

One of the top areas of life you continually tell me is “stressing you out” is:

“How much you have to do”

And that

“You don’t have enough time to do everything you “need” to get done”

This is especially concerning because:

ANY stress – real or perceived . . . interferes with your brain’s ability to make your FEEL GOOD brain chemicals (neurotransmitters) like Serotonin, Dopamine and Endorphin. That’s why I want to teach you my FAVORITE strategy for taking control of time!

You KNOW you can’t make “more” time, right?  So, the only logical way to free yourself from the pressure of time is to change how you USE time and how you FEEL about time.

That’s why I teach the 90 Minute Rhythm!

(NOTE: don’t miss the end of this blog, because I’m throwing in a couple other KEY strategies to feel relaxed about the ticking clock.)

In order to FREE yourself from feeling pressured by time, it is critical to “organize” your day in alignment with your body’s natural circadian rhythms. Here’s the key…

Create 90 minute pockets of activity followed by 10-15 minutes of REST or recovery time.

This is no different than building a muscle by rotating between lifting a weight and allowing that muscle time to recover and grow.

What does this look like on a typical day? 

  1. Start with planning for a 9 hour day (no more) for “activity”. This accounts for 8 hours of sleep, 3 hours for each major meal and 4 hours for TOTAL relaxation, hobbies, creativity, etc., in any 24 hour period.
  2. This gives you approximately 5 “pockets” of 90 minute activity with 10-15 minutes for recovery per day.
  3. Now . . . PLAN your pockets!
    Pocket #1: 8:30 AM – 10 AM
    Pocket #2: 10:15 AM – 11:30 AM
    Pocket #3: 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM
    Pocket #4: 2:45 PM-4:15 PM
    Pocket #5: 4:30 PM – 5:45 PM

That’s it . . . 5 pockets.

Worth noting – this means EVERYTHING after . . . let’s say 6 PM . . .  is YOUR TIME . . . your last meal, your hobbies and YOUR FUN!

Super Challenge: Try to include any COMMUTE time and “taking care of kids” time IN your pockets.

You’re probably reading this and thinking “NO WAY” that can happen in my world, because . . .(Insert “perceived beliefs” about you, and your life and your time)




You ALREADY feel stressed and not as productive as your expectation of yourself . . . so give it a shot!

(if you need help figuring out how to organize your pockets . . . email me at and we’ll jump on the phone to figure it out!)

My own example:

Pocket #1: Client Calls
Pocket #2: Return Emails
Pocket #3: Client Calls
Pocket #4: Respond to Client Journals
Pocket #5: Write Blogs or Programs

That’s fairly typical for me, but I should also share that I recommend organizing your WHOLE WEEK in pockets. That’s how I can work 12 days every month and grow 2 companies!

The reality IS . . . you have 5 major pockets of time in your day. It’s your choice how you use them.

Thinking of your “To Do List’, or organizing your time in any other way, OR not organizing your time and just hoping that somehow you’ll get a 100 item To Do List done SETS YOU UP TO FAIL and TO BE FRUSTRATED! (that’s not good for you or your brain)

Special Tips:

Two of the most powerful shifts I ever made in my thinking of the things I have to do are:

Small Logo for Journal I learned to stop thinking “To Dos” are problems. Activity or productivity is part of life and a part I enjoy. I urge you to SEE the things you CHOOSE to do as a privilege, and a completely expected part of life. In other words . . . separate your “activity” from your “emotions about the activity”.  By emotion, I mean:

“I’m WORRIED I won’t get enough done.”

“I’m COMPARING the things I do to what other people do.”

“I’m DOUBTING whether or not I’m choosing the right things to do.”

“I feel GUILTY that I don’t get more done.”

When you simply focus on the task on hand . . . there is no room for energy draining emotions.

Small Logo for Journal I also learned to CHANGE my expectation of how long activities will take to complete. I DOUBLE the expected time. That sets me up for a WIN in that I might actually be done ahead of schedule. THAT feels good. I WANT to feel good.

Small Logo for Journal I learned to honor my energy when I organize my time. Within each “pocket” I do the things I FEEL like doing. When I don’t, I am swimming upstream . . . going against the grain.

It takes TWICE as long to complete a task when you are energetically in opposition to that task.

Your mind may still be fighting the idea of these strategies.

[Tweet “REMEMBER: YOU lead your mind and YOU protect your brain.”]

YOU are in charge.

If the mind thinks the job you have doesn’t allow for this strategy . . . think again and try it.
If you can’t make it work with your job . . . seriously . . . think about a different job or your own business.

There literally are NO BONUS POINTS in life for “getting more done.”
You can choose if you see life and its “to dos” as a playful, curious game OR
You can choose to make everything in life serious.
In the end . . . it won’t matter, and it won’t change the outcome, in that you will still only have a limited amount of time on this earth in a physical body.

Your purpose here on this earth is to ENJOY YOUR TIME.

Set yourself up for that!

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