Do Your Commitments Ever Squeeeeeeeze Your Spirit?

Do Your Commitments Ever Squeeeeeeeze Your Spirit?

It doesn’t feel good to spend your day meeting obligations instead of focusing on your passions, does it?

When you do that for long enough, you can even forget what you have a passion for!

You travel through your days feeling a general angst, and start to question the life you are living and the people around you…or worse yet . . . question yourself.

When what you spend your time on is out of alignment with who you are and what is important to you, it’s a great cause of stress, unhappiness and potential health problems.

I require my clients to journal and sometimes that makes them uncomfortable. I hear all kinds of reasons why journaling just “isn’t for them.” I require it anyway! I do this because journaling is one SURE way to get to know yourself again and stop SQUEEZING YOUR SPIRIT with “things you SHOULD do.”

Here’s how you can bring your passions, dreams and desire BACK INTO ALIGNMENT with how you spend your time (and your money). This exercise will help you:

  • Figure out what you really want in life
  • Understand what you are committed to versus only interested in
  • Take charge of your days and spend your time, money and energy on the things you WANT to be committed to
  • Align your true commitments and passions with the ever changing nature of LIFE (including you)

Commitment VS Interest

Energy is your true nature. Human beings are literally made up of moving micro molecules-just like everything else. When your energy doesn’t flow or you aren’t operating from true energy (and likely try to compensate for your low energy by managing your time), you feel DRAINED and OUT OF BALANCE. If the majority of your time goes to work, professional or family obligations and there’s little left over for you-your hobbies, interests, friends or family enjoyment . . . you are SQUEEZING YOUR SPIRIT -living out of alignment with your passion. You are “spending” your energy on things that don’t matter to you.

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Here’s a simple journal exercise to help you figure out what you’ve been spending your precious energy on and HOW TO BRING YOUR ENERGY BACK INTO ALIGNMENT WITH YOUR SPIRIT:

What Are You Committed To?
Another way to ask that question is . . . What Is Your Intention for your life?
Journal in a free flow style all the possibilities.
Then choose 2-3 that resonate most.

Once you have your 2-3 most important life commitments, begin to journal each day how you spent your TIME ENERGY. You can track this in percentages, or by the hours or by the minutes.
Compare what you spent your time doing to what your priorities are.
Are you aligned?
If so . . . how to you insure you continue this way?
If not . . . what change can you make to live more aligned with what is important to you?
Practice these changes and journal your results.(PS – you can compare your intentions and what you spend your money on as well – just look at your credit card bill! Oh, and you can do this with what you think about the most too!)

Anytime you find yourself “mis-using” your TIME, MONEY or THOUGHT energy this month, journal about the situation. Why did you do that? What influenced your CHOICE in how you spent this energy?
What excuses did the mind concoct to make it feel like you didn’t have a choice?
The next time that situation arises . . . REBOUND.
A question that can help keep you on track is this:

WHICH am I more committed to?

Ex. My self care or my job?
Journal your comparisons, your answer and the action that you take.
When you get really clear about your commitments, LIFE FEELS GOOD. I’ve seen this exercise save marriages, build business and heal health conditions. I’ve seen this exercise help people remove themselves from situations that did not serve them because they stopped thinking things like –

Oh-it’s just me.”
“I expect too much.”
“I’m just not a happy person.”
“I should be able to be happy this way.”


Don’t use this exercise as one more way to LOCK your spirit into doing the same thing for the rest of your life . . . long after your passions have evolved! You WILL change. You are energy . . . energy moved.

Expecting your intentions to stay the same for decades is setting your spirit up for a SQUEEZE!

Commitment doesn’t mean forcing yourself to keep the same intentions forever. It means staying clear with what your heart wants and being 100% IN with your intention while you have it!

I’d love to hear what happens when you FREE your energy (time, money and thought) and fill your days with engaging in your passions. Join our on line journal community to practice this skill-it will change your life!

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