How to Direct Your Mind to Attract What You Want

How to Direct Your Mind to Attract What You Want

The law of attraction is a powerful universal truth.

But have you ever tried to “use” this law only to find you couldn’t quiet your thoughts and you ended up attracting something you didn’t want?

I’ve strengthened my “attraction muscle” over the years with practice and lots of reading about how this principle actually works. I’m not saying that I attract EVERYTHING I want, but once I made a fundamental shift in my energy and message my mind sent out to the universe, things got a whole lot better.

I’m sharing with you that I’m not perfect with my attraction skills yet because I want to help you ease up on yourself! Just like me, you can teach and share what you know so far without having to be perfect.

When you set up the expectation to be perfect about everything, you create GUILT – the mother of fear.

Guilt hi-jacks your thoughts and even physically affects your brain by causing a release of stress chemicals. Guilt attracts guilt/fear/doubt (like attracts like) and can cause a downward spiral of feeling bad about yourself and your life. So please, cut yourself some slack and share what you know…as a perfectly imperfect human! (Side note – perfectionism is a symptom of low serotonin.)

I’ll tell you what shift I made in practicing the law of attraction and teach you how to make it yourself in just a little bit, but first I’ll take you back in time to the most frustrating time in my life – when everything I attracted seemed to be doomed.

I’m not one to “count” years or anything else because I believe that is a form of comparison, so I can only estimate that the most frustrating time in my life was somewhere around 15 years ago. I had worked REALLY hard in my career only to find I had missed out on other areas of my life. I had risen to a position that had been my goal, only to find out it wasn’t all that I thought it would be. In short . . . I was working all the time, had no time for friends, I’d been in a relationship for years that didn’t really align with my values, I was spending more money than I was saving, I hadn’t bought a house, got married or had any children. I looked around and it seemed like all of my friends had families and were happy. It felt like I had missed a turn that everyone else had taken and I was at a dead end.

That’s when I created my first vision board. If your mind just put up some resistance because it thinks it knows all about vision boards, please encourage it to stay with me here. It’s not what it thinks.

I didn’t know a lot about attraction back then – in fact I’d just started reading Wayne Dyer and a few others. Yet something very instinctive in me decided not to put material possessions on my vision board, but rather to put pictures of experiences. I had pictures of places I wanted to travel, an aging woman that was in FANTASTIC shape, and yes a picture of a house, but I blurred the image so it wasn’t really about the physical house, but more the home environment it created which included large expansive space around the house. I had pictures of horses because I knew I wanted to be back around them in some way. Not a particular horse I wanted, but to experience a connection with the loving animals that had been part of my youth.

I still have that vision board and I can honestly say that every single thing I put on it has come true.

What I have learned since that time about attraction is the shift I spoke of and is the reason I was able to attract all of my visions into my life.

You don’t attract specific things you say you want.

You attract how you feel.

The way the law of attraction works is that you attract according to the thoughts you have and how they make you feel.

Let me share an example of the subtle distinction . . .

I have a friend that wants to attract a partner. She has a very specific description down to his height and the job he should have.  All that would be fine except my friend has created such a specific image that two things interfere with her attraction of it:

  1. She’s overlooking any other option the universe could deliver to her in search of this perfect on paper specimen. (I tell her . . . ”don’t you think the universe might have an even bigger perspective than you and be able to deliver something greater than your mind can imagine?)
  2. By having such a specific description, it narrows her perception down so far that she is feeling a LACK at all times. She looks around on a daily basis and doesn’t see this perfect image so all she feels is . . . he doesn’t exist. He’s not out there!

My friend attracts more of what she’s feeling:

This is hard
He’s not out there
I’m alone
I’ll never find him
I’ve done something wrong.

THE SHIFT: You attract what you feel. So if you want to feel good . . . stop trying to send the universe an “order” of what the mind thinks will make you feel good. Instead, think the thoughts and do the things that make you FEEL GOOD NOW and more of the same will be delivered!

I love how Abraham Hicks puts it:

When you know what you want, you are a vibrational match to it and therefore IT IS.”

One last tip on attracting what you want by adding a very simple…”and that’s ok” to the end of your thoughts.

In the example of my friend, she could begin to use her very same description of a partner but shift her thinking to something like:

“I want a partner who is tall, dark, handsome and successful and I feel engaged and inspired when I’m around him. I don’t know who he is yet or even if he’ll look exactly like that and that’s ok. When it’s right, he will appear.”

[Tweet “A big part of attracting is being ok with where you are not.”]

Otherwise, you are feeling dissatisfied and you’ll attract situations that make you feel dissatisfied.

Don’t ask me why I haven’t made a Vision Board again until very recently. It worked so well, you’d think I would do it every year! But that’s ok . . .recently I was encouraged to try this tool again. Fast forward 15 or so years and it’s digital on my screensaver vs cut outs glued to a board. I feel EXCITED about the possibilities that my images symbolize. I don’t know exactly how things will look or the timing of how things will happen . . . and that’s ok . . .it’s better! It’s a bit of a miraculous mystery!

I encourage you to give it a try to!

Play with your visions this weekend and see what you can attract!

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