Your Thoughts Create

Your Thoughts Create

Just like any other habit, thought habits become automatic. At the core, a thought develops from a belief and a decision, but over time, thoughts run on auto-pilot. Most of your thoughts may be based on beliefs you created a long time ago, but have forgotten (at least consciously).

The thing to know about thoughts (especially automatic thoughts) is that they drive behavior and energy. Thoughts literally create. Thoughts create your mood, your day, your physical surroundings and even your physical body. On a physical level, Neuroscience and Quantum Physics show us that a thought literally changes the composition of your brain. On an emotional level, your thoughts reveal your beliefs and your beliefs create your life’s experience – your perceived reality. Every single element of your life experience is birthed by these beliefs. Your beliefs lead to thoughts that lead to your perception of yourself and the world.

YOU have complete power of choice over your thoughts and can reprogram your thought habits to create the perceptions, energy and physicality that brings you the most joy! YOU are a powerful creator! Your thoughts are, after all, just a product of your mind and your mind is only ONE, small part of YOU! Even “outside” events or situations cannot control your thoughts or reality.

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Life experience is not created by what happens, it is created by what you THINK about what happens. Events or situations are neutral until YOU attach a meaning.

Identify a thought that brings your energy down or makes you feel bad. Then ask yourself these questions:

  1. What must my mind believe in order to have this thought?
  2. How does this belief make me feel?
  3. Do I want to keep feeling this way?
  4. What upgraded thought CHOICE can I practice that would make me feel better?

Bonus: What happens when I practice thinking the exact opposite belief, just out of curiosity?

You can use physical laws of energy to help you create new beliefs that drive new thoughts and create new neural pathways in your brain. The laws of energy are:

  • Two opposing forms of energy cannot be in the same place at the same time
  • Like attracts like

By considering the beliefs behind your thoughts and behavior, you can exercise your freedom of choice and create any future you desire!

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