What If James Taylor Never Wrote a Song? (This Is WHY You Need YOU Time)

What If James Taylor Never Wrote a Song? (This Is WHY You Need YOU Time)

I saw a great interview with James Taylor recently and he talked about the importance of


There is a difference between solitude and silence and I think BOTH are really key for your well-being and for experiencing a life of enjoyment.

In my opinion (and experience) –

Solitude is a connection to Yourself.

Silence is a connection to Higher Power.

I would venture to say that most people never really experience EITHER.

One of the most common detriments to our health (and one of the most common conversations I have with clients) is STRESS.

Stress comes in many shapes and sizes and I talk about it a lot, but right now I want to talk about the opposite. The opposite of stress is PEACE and sustained energy.

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So how much time do YOU spend without talking and without noise?

How much time do you spend ALONE?

Are you even comfortable being ALONE?         

I’m about to share what happens when you are silent and what James Taylor learned about being alone.

In all disciplines of meditation there is a biological and emotional threshold of 20 minutes. What I mean by that is when you meditate in SILENCE for 20 min or more, you cross a threshold where the mind can expand and where your physiology changes.  This is a critical practice and I hope everyone reading tries it! You literally will have new experiences after 20 minutes of meditation than you would have had at say 10 minutes.

Equally important is SOLITUDE.

Solitude is time alone. Not necessarily meditating, but time where you have no outside influence toward what you think, what you do, what you look at, where you go, where you are…..everything you experience is 100% dictated by YOU and your own thoughts at that very moment.

For many people, THAT kind of solitude hasn’t happened in years! Many people actually feel pretty uncomfortable with that kind of aloneness. Sometimes it happens when you lose a friend or end a relationship and it FEELS like loss.

Here’s what James Taylor had to say about SOLITUDE…

James said it takes him at least 3 DAYS of being alone before he even hears the beginning of a song.

Can you imagine?

If James hadn’t given himself that ALONE TIME the world would not know:

Fire and Rain

You’ve Got A Friend

Sweet Baby James

Carolina in My Mind

And so many other masterpieces that are the soundtrack of our lives!!


You THINK you know your gifts and strengths and weaknesses, but really the brain easily gets stuck on the path of least resistance. I ‘d LOVE to see you take enough alone time to DISCOVER what lies within…


Try it out this weekend! Start with an hour or 2 or a whole day! Your family might not get it, but that’s OK.

Just tell them you are working on the world’s next masterpiece …YOU.


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