Just For Fun…REALLY!

Just For Fun…REALLY!

A client was setting goals for creating the life she really wanted to live.

One goal was that she wanted THE romantic relationship. The One. She asked…

How Can I Call In THE ONE?

My suggestion?

Keep it loose, keep it tight. You attract from the frequency you are currently at.

My WILD suggestion?

Date…just for fun.

FOR FUN?????? She gasped! We both giggled.

Ah…yeah…it should be fun, right? See who’s out there. See what it feels like. See what the options are. Remember what you enjoy! Don’t think about the end results…stay in the moment and HAVE FUN! Every date doesn’t have to result in a lifelong relationship!

This conversation stuck with me. I’ve encountered the same thoughts about dating with at least 5 other people. Somehow, somewhere dating became a job with an end result in mind. It’s a prime example of how serious the mind makes things. How much we see things in black and white, success or failure….pass or fail. One woman I spoke with had been divorced for 8 years and was ALL WOUND UP about dating and what it would mean and whether or not it would be the answer to her life and her happiness. I made the same suggestion….

Date for FUN!

She couldn’t believe that was even an option!

I have a theory. I don’t think it’s what we “do or don’t do” or” have or don’t have” that creates our life experience. Doing doesn’t dictate our happiness. It comes down to our EMOTIONS as we do or don’t do things. It’s literally our perspective of each situation that dictates the experience itself.

Instead of asking yourself:

Did I do the RIGHT thing?

Was that OK?

Will this guarantee I get what I want?

Try out:

Did I have fun?
Did this make me feel happy?
Did I learn something?
Did I grow?

From that point of view, life begins to look like a big game…played just for fun. Yep!

Seriousness never got anybody anywhere.

Don’t believe me? Try it out. Try doing ANYTHING and EVERYTHING in your life…JUST FOR FUN. Don’t put too much pressure that any part of your life means anything about YOU.

Give yourself permission to PLAY!

I have learned that people put an expectation on each experience in an attempt to PROVE something.

To other people.

To themselves.


To God.

[Tweet “You have nothing to prove because you are already 100% whole and perfect.”]

YOU know that somewhere deep down.

GOD certainly knows that.

Other people?…They really can’t even see it because they are too busy proving themselves.

I encourage you to stop trying to validate yourself and LIVE as the self validated person you are!

Try LIVING just for fun! For the next 30 days, try living life in a new way:

  • WORK just for fun
  • COOK just for fun
  • EXERCISE just for fun
  • PARENT just for fun
  • RUN YOUR BUSINESS just for fun
  • STUDY just for fun
  • PAY YOUR BILLS just for fun
  • STOP making everything a job!

You’ll have more fun!

You’ll feel better!

You’ll enjoy this GAME of life!

And you’ll vibrate at a frequency that brings in dreams you haven’t even had yet!

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