I’m on Survivor!!

I’m on Survivor!!

Ok, not the the TV show…it’s just that LIFE sometimes feel like a game of “survivor.”

But then I remind myself…LIFE IS NOT A RACE!

LIFE is meant to be enjoyed…savored.

We WON’T survive our human experience in a human body…it WILL end.

We are here to PLAY at life AS LIFE!

Still, there are some good lessons I see in a contest like “Survivor”.

I’ll share that next along with a story about a pile of papers…

When you have a contest, a certain amount of time to get something done (call it a deadline if you choose)…don’t you find that you just GET IT DONE?

Want to know why???

You get things done when you have a deadline because you shift away from “thinking” about what you are doing and all the emotion that comes with hoping (aka attached to an outcome) that your action will accomplish the goal in mind.

You shift from thinking and emotion to……..the present moment and action – just DOING because you have no choice, right? When you feel like you are out of time, you just cut to the chase and only spend time on the things that really need to be done and you do it all without the emotion, right?

Living on deadline ALL the time is stressful.

What happens in the brain is that you train your brain to wait for a release of adrenaline and neurotransmitters called Catecholamine before acting. In other words, you train your brain to operate on EMERGENCY settings all the time. This will catch up with you eventually and erode your brain chemistry in other areas.

You can, however, take the BEST part of a Code Red Survivor Challenge and use it ON YOUR OWN TERMS to actually make your life LESS stressful.

Here’s How:

  • Set your own limits on how much time and energy you will give your projects or tasks.
  • Remind yourself when you start to work on a task.
  • When the time is up..move along. Let it go! You are done!

Stop the mind from draining your energy with mental debates such as…

  • “Should I do this or that?”
  • “It needs to be perfect”
  • “I have to do everything or it doesn’t count”
  • “What’s going to happen when I don’t get this done?”

The How To Again…Expanded:

  • Note the time you have available: ex. 20 min
  • Choose how you’ll spend that time: ex. Cleaning up the house
  • Remind yourself: ex. I’m only spending 20 min on the house no matter what I see that “could” be done. I only have 20 min (pretend friends are coming over in 20 min) and choose the priorities and DO IT!
  • When time is up, MOVE ALONG: ex. 20 min are up so stop and trust yourself you got the main things done.

I was talking with a woman this week who felt so much stress from the pile of papers that seem to always collect on the desk in her family’s home office. She’d spend hours thinking about how and when to get the pile cleaned up and organized. She swore she would get it done when her husband was out of town for a week because she’d have more time. Her husband was back and she was feeling like a failure every time she looked at that pile.

How did she get the pile cleaned up?

You got it! Pick a time. Focus only on the pile. Go at it like God himself is coming to dinner in 20 minutes.
Get it done! Walk away! Yay! Success! Survival!

Here’s a little bonus…

I encouraged this woman to go beyond survival. After the pile was cleaned up, we talked about how the pile got there in the first place! There were several Whole Life Skills and Family Habits that could be put in place to make sure she never has to spent her precious time on a pile “bully” again!

Moral of my story

Be in the present moment with your work or your task. (Click to Tweet!)

Put in as much effort as you would if it were the ONLY chance you had to “get it right.” When time’s up-STOP. Walk away. No more thoughts or emotions. No more survival mode.

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