Journal ~ The Morning Ritual

I’m enjoying the early morning..watching the sun peek out over the ranch.  I love this ranch.  It is, of course, (all things are) not MINE (2015 personal intention-no longer use the word MY), but I’ve been privileged to spent many a morning here is this setting.   What a beautiful part of this earth.  Maybe the morning ritual feels so good because it is such a sharp contrast to my morning ritual a couple decades ago-roll out of bed feeling “behind” already, grab my Diet Coke breakfast, hit the beltways and freeways 🙂  Contrast is a good thing.  We are here to experience it. I share my morning prayer, part of my morning ritual~

Spirit…what is the one thing you would like to do through me today?

I surrender everything I thought I knew and believed

Reveal to me today:

Great truth
Greater wisdom
Greater capacity to know and extend perfect TRUST and perfect PEACE

Help me:

Dismantle illusions
Soften my heart and mind
Be more willing to be less fearful
Be open to more and more guidance

Help me:
CHOOSE to relax, let go, trust and receive
CHOOSE greater awareness as opposed to an escape from experience
Turn the mind back on itself to see what it has been believing for I KNOW conflicted thoughts rob my creative flow

Help me:

Unravel and unlock that which does not serve me
Claim my worthiness to have communication with YOU and all that can enlighten me

Lord, help me get out of my own way so I can spread LOVE


Yes…I know it will be a great day!

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