Journal ~ How We Are Designed To Be

I went to see the movie Lucy this past weekend and absolutely loved it!
I thought the previews were interesting but didn’t know how I would like it as I don’t always enjoy science fiction. To me this movie was anything but. What a beautiful surprise!

The concept is a woman who accidentally ingests extremely high doses of a new drug on the market. The drug is a synthetic version of a hormone a baby produces to grow its bones and form its body,brain, etc. Without spoiling the movie for anyone, I’ll simply share that this drug causes her to use an increasing percentage of her brain. Where we typically use 10%, she gradually uses more and more even up to 100%. As the use of her brain expands, so do her capabilities. She develops tremendous hearing and visual skills. She begins to have the ability to influence and move other people and inanimate (or so we call them) objects.

In short, this movie scientifically demonstrates EVERYTHING I believe to be true spiritually. I just love when science and spirituality come together. In the end, Lucy becomes what we are fully designed to be.

At one point she is trying to explain to a scientist (played by Morgan Freeman-this man must really get the connection of quantum physics and spirituality because he does some great movies and his show Through the Wormhole)what her experience feels like. She describes it as “There are no blocks. You remember how to do everything and you don’t block yourself. Energy flows.” Sounds like something I discuss with clients almost every day!! What are the blocks, the resistance, the grip you have on life and how can you relax and allow?

I must admit, this movie has me smiling 3 days later 🙂

You’ve been reading a page from my journal. Journaling is a way to unplug and the One Whole Health on line journal community is a way make your technology work for you instead of against you.  When you journal in our community, you slow down and pay attention to one thing…your thoughts.  You will step away from email, pop ups, Facebook, the news crawl, the stock market app, the telephone…and give yourself some time.  I hope you will join us in a free self guided course “Thoughts That Make You Feel Good” 

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