Journal ~ Letting Go Of Illusion

Started the morning in the most delicious way. Morning hot tub as the light, fluffy snow came down. Contemplating the knowing that my yearning for Source is in reality Source’s yearning for me.
How can I allow more of God to move through me?

The past several months have been an incredible transfiguration for me. As they say-the deck of cards has been shuffled. Nothing is what it once was and I’m embarking on a new frontier of how I am in this world.

There are moments that are scary. There are moments I act like a human 🙂 But more and more there are moments that I know the reality of the being I truly am.

Spent an hour in meditation and study. The quote that stands out to me in this moment~

“The only power illusions have is the preoccupation you CHOOSE to have with them.”

Think I’m ready for a great Monday!!

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