Journal ~ A Retreat Into Love

The Clear Path Retreat concluded yesterday and I am appreciating how the experience enriches my life every bit as much as the guests who take the leap of faith. My energy is nourished by witnessing the amazing transformations. A group of women reserved time for themselves and opened their hearts and souls to new approaches to feeling good. They ate well, they treated themselves to massage, they released energy in Yoga, Reiki and Laughter Yoga. Most of all, they learned that all thoughts, feelings, actions and results are rooted in fear if they are not rooted in love, but every person has the power to choose the energy state in which they live.

Everything in our world is made up of atoms, molecules, cells; matter that is moving energy. Even inanimate objects like the chair you are sitting in are not actually solid, but rather a swirling collection of energy. By definition, energy is life force: cells moving and changing form.

The key to transformation is understanding where your energy is stuck. Stagnant energy manifests on an emotional level in feelings like resistance, indecision, procrastination, attachment, self doubt, shame, regret, avoidance…..all constrictive thought which is FEAR. This energy that enters our body and doesn’t leave manifests physically as disease, injury, exhaustion, depression and disfigurement (over-weight, under-weight, inability to use parts of the body.) Spiritually speaking, when our energy is not flowing we are likely living from ego and not very mindful.
How do you find out if your energy is stuck?

Take a minute right now to check in with your energy.
What thoughts are running through your mind?
What emotions are you experiencing as a result of those thoughts?
Is your body tight or relaxed?
Which areas of the body are especially tense?
Where is that tension coming from? What thought?
Journal: List every area of your life that is currently draining your energy. Repeat the questions above for each of the energy drains.

I can sum this up by saying that any RESTLESSNESS or unhappiness with the way things are is a sign of STAGNANT ENERGY. Healing can occur when you get that energy moving again. Movement is expansive such as expressing yourself, journaling, exercising, taking action and above ALL…showing the opposite of fear which is LOVE.
Retreat guests found some really creative ways to get love flowing. A few examples:
-deep breathing
-forgiving past and current relationships
-saying what needs to be said
-allowing their desires to be heard
-sharing love with strangers
-listening to their heart

Only by living in an every state of LOVE can you accept things as they are and calm the restlessness.
As a reminder, I share two of my favorite quotes from The Way of Mastery:

“You can heal the world with a loving embrace of this moment, exactly as it is.”

“Live life fully by enjoying it more and more, attaching to it less and less and fearing it not at all.”

Now it is your turn! What is the most radical way you can act out of love and release your energy drains? Share your thoughts in our FREE self-guided journal course, “Thoughts That Make You Feel Good”
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