Journal – The Lesson of Practice

I’m sitting on the terrace of a Bali resort gazing down on the rice paddies below. The women of the village are bringing out the nightly offerings to the Gods. They carry baskets filled with fruit and bread and rice and flowers and lie them down in the narrow grass pathways that form borders around the flooded fields. This is a daily practice not limited to farmers. Everywhere through out the towns, blessings are delivered to stairways, entrances, temples, statues…even just presented on the sidewalk or gutter. The location is insignificant. The practice is holy. A moment of thanks and statement of intention to live this day serving a higher purpose.

What a great example of practice. Our Sweet & Sour Cleanse Club has just completed a 21 day sugar detox and the members are contemplating how to make the new habits they developed stick. How do you sustain a new habit and even introduce additional new healthy habits? The answer lies in an ancient ritual…practice.

Practice transforms the whole of your being. By engaging in practice, you open a new realm filled with possibilities that your mind can’t yet conceive. You let an intention seep into your cellular memory and sub-conscious mind and over time, with practice, your conscious mind can fathom that you are now a person who…doesn’t eat sugar, exercises, meditates, runs a booming business, has a spiritual partnership, cleans their car weekly, flosses their teeth, doesn’t overeat…..Anything you desire for yourself and your life can be achieved with practice. Yes-it’s a bit like “fake it ’til you make it” It’s a concept straight from high school sports…practice. If you want to achieve something, excel at something, create something…Practice!

Practice derails self sabotage. When you are practicing a new healthy habit, you eliminate the start and end, all or nothing perspective. The “cleanse” becomes the day to day focus. You automatically “rebound” when you fall off track because you aren’t attempting merely to detox sugar for 21 days, you are expressing your intention to live sugar free now go forward. There is no “out” because you are practicing. There is no “end” because once your practice has paid off, you move on to something new you want to practice. Practice is the platform for evolution.

Establishing a daily ritual in which you express your intention to practice a habit calls that experience to you from a spiritual perspective and forms a new neural pathway from a scientific perspective. It’s a win win. It’s as simple as placing a bamboo basket on a sidewalk to express your thanks to God

You may have noticed, this isn’t a blog it’s my journal. Daily journaling is a beautiful way to practice. I invite you to join the journal conversation and meet yourself in the pages at:
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