Journal-The Desensitization of Disease

When I first assess a client’s health history, I ask questions about their family history like “How is the health of your mother/father?” I’m struck by how often the answer is “Good.”-following by something like “She’s had diabetes for years and had a heart attack a couple years ago, but she’s ok now.”

In what world is diabetes and a heart attack good health??? I take this to mean that we are so desensitized to illness that as long as someone is alive they are considered to have good health.

I challenge my clients to expect a higher standard of living. Good health is not the absence of disease. I often describe good health as balanced energy. To be more specifically, we were designed to wake up in the easily in the morning feeling rested, go to the bathroom naturally within the hour, eat three meals a day and never need to snack, have a bowel movement with every meal, experience incredible memory and stamina, heal ourselves, cleanse ourselves, go to sleep at night easily, sleep the whole night through, have emotional resilience that allows us to rebound, be capable of attraction and creation of our desires and achieve consciousness and vibrate at the level of any guru you’ve seen. We all have that ability. As humans. If that is not happening, we aren’t operating from full energy. Our tank is empty or our car is broken. We certainly aren’t healthy.

My wish for the new “calendar” is that we all receive the good health we deserve.

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