Journal-Relationship Superfood

Some time ago, I wrote an article about “relationship malnutrition” to be featured in an on line magazine. My definition of relationship malnutrition is where a person is looking to their significant other to fill ALL of the relationship needs they have, including:
Leaving a Legacy
Shared Passion/Interest
Self Nourishment
Collaborative Work
Kindred Spirit

The point of the article was that we all need a healthy variety of people in our lives to fulfill all of these different types of relationship.

I’m feeling the desire to include a Part 2-“Relationship Superfood.”

Once you have achieved well balanced relationship food, many people long for more. I define the ultimate fulfilling relationship as an integrated relationship between:
Higher Power

I’ve noticed that the stronger my ultimate relationship becomes, the less I seem to need of the original list of relationship food. It might sound cold, but it’s simply neutral. Other people have less and less to do with my ultimate nourishment. They are nice to have around:) I have fun and enjoy others. Yet the deeper fulfillment and spiritual growth is driven by developing the relationship between me and me, me and my body and me and my higher power.

I recently saw Gary Zukav & Linda Francis speak at a conference. They seem to subscribe to a similar belief. The host of the conference asked these couple guides, “Do you think it is important to have friends and do you have many friends?” Their response was “We don’t have friends, we have spiritual partners.” They went on to explain that, for the most part, friends support frightened parts of ourselves. They join us in blaming others for our current situation. They help us compare ourselves to others. They advise us in how to be in order to be accepted by others. Etc. True spiritual partners help us feel our feelings yet not act on them. They join us in consciously creating our life. As Gary & Linda put it “Friends huddle to block the wind. Spiritual partners help you find out where the wind comes from.”

Friends can be a joy in our lives. For me, spiritual partners are the priority, as well as being clear about the difference between the two.

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