Journal-Moving Your Energy

I love hosting wellness retreats and have a special place in my heart for private intensives. We can go so deep in the one on one retreat situation. I’ve hosted a few this year and had a wonderful time with a client who came to the ranch recently.

My client had the intention of coming on retreat to learn to calm herself, listen to her intuition and manage her energy.

While coaching her, a very interesting conversation came up about keeping our energy flowing. Energy must move. I strongly believe that all illness and unhappiness is a result of stuck energy. Energetic input that we hold on to-maybe out of fear, maybe out of resistance, maybe out of an attempt to control our circumstances.

As is always the case with coaching, I learn about myself through my clients. I acknowledged to my client that I have psychic em-path tendencies, meaning I take on the energy that is around me and have to work especially hard to release it again. I even had nausea one morning and she called home and found out her little boy was sick. I’m NEVER nauseous.

Anyway-we talked about how each of us are affected by the energy of others and how we are able to do our jobs-me as a coach, my client as a law enforcement officer who is exposed to some really dark human behaviors.

For my client, she walked away from the retreat with the realization that much of her physical pain comes from not expressing her emotional state.

For me, I realized that I am able to listen and be exposed to any client’s energy even when they are going through really difficult experiences without this energy affecting me negatively. I do that quite easily actually. Yet-in my personal life, when I am around certain energy it is very hard for me to stay grounded. I often take on energy from a casual human exchange like checking out at the grocery store. I now understand the difference in these situations is that, with coaching, I am an active participant. I take action that moves the energy back out of me. It is a true exchange. With a casual encounter, the energy sometimes stops with me and becomes stagnant. I can absolutely change that!

For both my client and myself, I share the intention “appreciating where others are will give you ease.”

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