Journal – Finding Exercise I Have Time For

I’ve been focusing on what I CAN do as far as exercise is concerned for the last 3 weeks or so. Things have been full on so many levels and I haven’t been able to do my usual-yoga or a run. I found a great substitute. Kirk & I have been hiking a short, but very steep trail in the mornings. Its only 2 miles, but the way up is straight up. It’s a perfect solution right now because we can get there, do the hike and get home within the hour. This hike brings up my heart rate when many do not. And I’m sharing it with Kirk-which is not something we do on a regular basis.

I celebrate that I have learned the lesson that something is better than nothing in this case. There was a time when I was all or nothing.

If I wasn’t doing this, I know my energy would be down and my stress would be up. I’d be waiting for a time when I had time. So I decided not to wait for time to do my favorite exercise, but rather find the exercise I had time for.

Come October…yoga here I come 😉

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