Journal Entry – Trust

I had a really cool conversation with a client this morning-someone who goes above and beyond in terms of self realization and reflection. Always such a pleasure to speak with.

The concept of trust came up. She feels she has a grip on life and tries to control everything so that nothing bad can happen to herself or her family. The thought of just trusting feels like giving up control and being very vulnerable.

Trust is opposite of control? Love it.

I couldn’t help but think about the Olympians and the trust they must develop for themselves and their bodies. What’s it like the first time you let go of the bar or race toward the vault and just fling yourself up in the air? How do you know you can do it? I guess you don’t until you do it. What a metaphor for life. You believe beyond actual, physical proof.

I had my own small example yesterday. (I guess I’m an Olympic want-to-be LoL) There is a certain pose in yoga where I have my knees together, arms straight out and am crouching down to where I’m nearly sitting on my feet. When you come out of the pose, the proper posture is not to lean forward as you stand back up. I’ve never been able to do it without leaning. Not in 3 years. Yesterday, I was admitedly distracted during my practice, but the cool thing was…I just stood up from that pose without leaning as if I do that every day. I forgot to think I can’t. I trusted and it was easy. My body found the muscle and the strength to just do it! I wonder how long I’ve been capable? Maybe all along. I just needed to trust.

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