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Join Us for The Clear Path Retreat ~ June 5-10, 2019

This retreat from One Whole Health is for women who are ready to remove obstacles from their path and propel forward in their personal and professional lives. Let this serene setting be the catalyst for adjusting the course your life has taken and begin feeling good on purpose!

Join One Whole Health for this 5 day 4 night retreat and:

  • Bring clear focus to what you want out of life!
  • Discover how to manage your energy instead of your time!
  • Practice the INVALUABLE gifts of stillness and choice
  • Learn holistic practices for nourishing your wellbeing.
  • Revive your mind, body and soul through nutrition, reflection, movement and guided visualization.
  • Receive a custom Neuro Nutrition protocol to free you from anxiety, emotional eating, cravings, depression, low energy, insomnia, pain, poor focus, overwhelm, burn out, addictions and more.
  • Return home powered with the confidence to attract anything you dream for your life!

This Rocky Mountain Woman’s Wellness Retreat is designed to help you discover the mindset, food and lifestyle choices that best support your overall health and well-being. Set amidst the Gunnison National Forrest, this retreat offers you the opportunity for stillness, individual attention and connection with kindred spirits.

*Special package pricing available for continued private coaching after the retreat. Natural Weight Loss and Men’s Retreats Available-Inquire at

Event Details

This Women’s Wellness Retreat includes:

  • Group Workshops & Activities To Support You In:
    • Trusting Your Intuition
    • Identifying What Is Working In Your Life, Relationships, and Career
    • Developing Healthy & Practical Eating Habits
    • Maintaining Your Lifestyle When You Get Back Home
    • Creating Healthy Relationships That Support You
    • Finding Movement You Enjoy and Doing It Regularly
    • Nurturing Yourself with Silence and Mindfulness
  • Private Sessions Designed To:

Assess neurotransmitter (brain chemical) deficiencies that effect your mood, weight, sleep, and addictions PLUS walk away with an action plan to restore balance permanently

Discover the #1 thing that has stopped you from getting what you want in life, which is likely the same thing that prevents you from making your health top priority

Get yourself to do the things that you know help you feel good on purpose

  • Equine Meditation
  • Journaling before, during and after the retreat to clean up the mindset that gets in your way
  • Daily yoga, meditation, or reflection
  • Walking Meditations and Hikes
  • Healthy Cooking Demonstrations
  • Some free time to journal, rest and enjoy the gorgeous area of Crested Butte, CO. Your natural setting provides the perfect setting for naps, exercise, meditation and a dip in the hot tub.

Event Pricing

The services listed above along with food and lodging are all included in the package rate of $2997 pay in full or 3 payments of $999.

Additional Activities

For an additional charge,
the following activities are available:

  • Introduction To Horsemanship Class (on site)
  • Trail Rides
  • Mountain Biking
  • Fishing
  • Massage (on site)
  • River Rafting

*Some activities may require an additional night stay or early or late departure.

All retreat attendees will be automatically enrolled in a group journal course upon registering. See the clear path you are meant to take and begin the journey TODAY!

MORE Questions? Email

Pay In Full

3 Payments of $999

$750 Deposit with 3 more payments of $750 (available until March 1, 2019)

Each Wellness Retreat accommodates a maximum of 8 people-this is an intimate group.

Private or Customized Retreats are available for individuals, families, or small groups.

Memories from The Clear Path Retreat:

Thank you to the guests and healers that make The Clear Path Retreat a truly captivating experience. I know each group who comes together was meant to connect and will always be a supportive family for each other.We share meals, laughter, tears and all walked away (myself included) with a stronger sense of courage, compassion and love for all beings. Our days are filled with hikes in the Rocky Mountains, Yoga, Equine Meditation, Reiki and Personal Journaling and Reflection. Lessons learned included healthy food preparation, wellness and prevention habits, finding our intuition, and taming our fears.

Tracey, AZ
Tracey, AZ

Before coming to the Clear Path Retreat, I was trying to figure out how to move forward in living a more authentic life. Going to the Clear Path Retreat was a catalyst for life long change. I was able to expand my mind, heart and spirit as well as gain the tools I need to step fully into my authentic self. It truly has been a transformative experience for me! Thank You!!

Susannah, CO
Susannah, CO

Before coming to the Clear Path Retreat, I felt off track and was trying to navigate some changes happening in my life. Since attending the retreat, I have a confidence in me, that I had never had before. The retreat gave me the time I needed to step away and get clear on the things that weren’t working in my life. I now feel motivated, energized and have a clear path I am excited about pursuing.

Dona, CA
Dona, CA

The Clear Path Retreat gave me the tools to get unstuck and get a new perspective on my life. I now feel refreshed, inspired, energized and ready to shift and make some changes in my life. I feel hopeful and believe I am an amazing woman. I would tell anyone considering attending the retreat, to go for it! Leah is amazing and it’s very well worth it!

Kathy P.
Kathy P.

I came to the Clear Path Retreat to find peace and get support in dealing with my health. My experience at the retreat helped me to connect with my heart and mind, which helped me find the peace I was looking for and I now feel better about my health. I now feel I can handle whatever comes my way. Leah is great and the retreat truly helped me.

Kim P.
Kim P.

Before coming to the Clear Path Retreat I was looking for more peace in my life and a way to communicate better in my relationships. I also wanted to learn how to let go of guilt I was carrying around. While at the retreat I was able to release a lot of negative emotions that were weighing me down and invite in more positive ones. Since the retreat, I feel like I can better express what I want and need with confidence. If you're ready for a change in your life, I recommend a retreat with Leah.

Lori, ID
Lori, ID

To Leah and all the dear ladies that attended The Clear Path Retreat, I hope all of you are doing well. I think of you all often. I am doing amazingly well. I didn’t expect so much of what we did and learned to “stick” but it has.

I certainly am eating better, not smoking (hurray!!), and have had very little alcohol too. My energy and outlook are so much brighter. I really feel that I have turned a new page in my life. I have beautiful memories of the longhorns, the horses and of course Max. You are all permanently in my heart.

Virginia, TX
Virginia, TX

I got home and made a huge salad and just put it out and my kids ATE IT!. Wow! What an obvious difference! I feel so much better, just by eating good, for one day! I have been eating out of my humongous salad once or twice a day! I even packed it for lunch! Yum! I have used my tongue cleaner every day and even thought to put cayenne pepper on my eggs.

Jamie, LA
Jamie, LA

My eyes are filled with tears capturing your words and reliving the memories. I was awe-struck. I was captivated from the very beginning. I was able to be free and true. It was an absolutely wonderful experience. Words cannot define the life lessons I came away with in the short days. I am so very grateful for that time in my life!!! Thank you Leah. I miss everyone already.

Marcia, IL
Marcia, IL

I hit the ground running when I came back. I was really tired the first few days, but I did hit my stride and had to work straight through the weekend but had more energy than I’ve had in quite a while. I have definitely noticed a changed attitude about how I see my life. I am more settled in my marriage and notice that we don’t seem so disconnected and are beginning to share more with each other.

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